Wytegarillaz Promote Australia

Looking for Travel Adventure !

Hi !

Do you have a tourism business you would like promoting here in Western Australia & Internationally ?

The Wytegarillaz are looking for Travel Adventure in Australia and overseas and would like you to be involved , Let us promote you to the world !

We are keen to try Hot Air Ballooning - it is suposed to be amazing up there blowing in the wind I stll long to give it a go !

I have heard all sorts of interesting stories so I believe we need to try this out for ourselves !

Snorkeling - another life under the water - we would love to see turtles - a shipwreck

Kayaking in beautiful peaceful spots along the coast & inland rivers.

Romantic spots for private time and more !!

Let us visit you and promote your great tourism spot with the world encourage more visitors to have a classic escape here in Western Australia!

We really want to enjoy a hot air balloon ride together somewhere romantic
We really want to enjoy a hot air balloon ride together somewhere romantic

Can you help with any of these ??

Over the next few months we will be making our way between Perth and Coral Bay area so if you have a business between these places let us know ASAP !

Write a series of childrens books

Bike and snorkel on Rottnest Island

Feed the dolphins at Monkey Mia-- Have done this !!!

Have a Jayco Caravan !

Give free hugs in Port Douglas

Help out at an orphanage overseas

Drive Route 66 in a campervan - meet the locals and see behind the scenes of a TV set !

Amaze at the Niagra Falls

Visit the awe inspiring Grand Canyon

See Kennedy Space Center

New Orleans


Rocky Mountain Highway

We want to see it all !

Greece- cruise the Islands on a small boat

my home town in Wales!


Ireland countryside

Alaskan cruise !


Milford sound New Zealand !

Go on an African Safari


China The great Wall

Cruise the Nile

See the Pyramids in Eygpt

Cruise the carabean

Swim with a dolphin

See Spain where my husbands family is from

Meet a hubber in America !

Meet Richard Branson

Sell travel overseas

Write a book to insire others

Do an amazing train ride across the mountains

Enjoy a river cruise in Germany

Ride a camel --- Done this in Broome !

Take a campervan around Europe

Be in an advert or programme on tv !

Have a meal in a waterfront restaurant in France/ Italy

Do couch surfing in America

Go to an Opera show !

Snorkel in Ningaloo Reef

Visit Coral Bay ,Broome - Kimberleys, Cape York

See my Grandchildren! ( seen them last week !!)

Visit my cousins & Aunties etc in Newport Wales !

Take a campervan around New Zealand

See turtles while snorkeling-- snorkled with a turtle at Ningaloo Reef ~

Have a column in a newspaper or magazine

Earn while traveling the world

Make money on hubpages

Enjoy a long flight with my husband

Get a mobile phone we like.

There are other things I wont mention on here ! however these are a lot of the things we would love to do in the next 5 years !

We are keen to see the world and enjoy many experiences together in natural spots around the world .

Do you long to drive across the USA and explore the country towns as you go ?

See the real America ?!

Help us do this and follow our travels as we go.

I have done this

Sat on a bull

Been up in a moterised hang glider

Snorkeled with a blue groper

kayaked around an Island

Been on a moterbike from Gore to Christchurch NZ

Flown a kite

Been to Buckingham flowers while flowers where there for Princess Diana

In a gondala Queenstown, Sydney, Verbier Switzerland,

Given free hugs in Sydney

Slept in a tent in Germany, Italy

Been up the Eifle tower, Empire State building, Statue of liberty,Sydney tower, Melbourne tower

Bitten by midgies in Scotland

Worked as a nanny in London,, Chepstow ,France and Sydney

Directed traffic in Broadway Sydney,

Had a honey moon on the Sun Princess to Tasmania

Swam in the cold Norfolk sea !

Went across to Dublin

Visited Alcatrez



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tthudium profile image

tthudium 6 years ago

Great article. I would like to spend a week on a deserted island. I think that would be fun, like survivorman.

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