Summary of Your Article

Click to edit your article's summary. A summary is a great way to introduce readers to your content. A summary is a second chance, after the title, to grab your readers attention and get them interested in your content and writing style. The summary should be few sentence description of your content to help the reader decide if this is the content they were looking for without having to read your entire article.

This summary is used by various web services and may be used as the summary description for your Hub in search results. In the future, this summary may also appear on the Hub itself as an introduction to your content. On HubPages, your summary is used on listings of Hubs, such as on Topic Pages and your Profile.

For listings on HubPages, an automatically-generated summary will be used if you do not provide one. Automatically-generated summaries are not provided to search engines, allowing the search engine to automatically generate its own summary that is custom-tailored to match keywords used by searchers.