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My body of work has a very colorful range starting back in 1998 when I interviewed The Oak Ridge Boys’ tenor singer, song writer and author, Joe Bonsall, for Hawk Talk.

I then became an editor, photographer and reporter for The Talon in 2001 and I was part of the award winning team for the yearbook entitled Two Thousand As One that same year.

At Weber State University, 2007, I wrote research papers on Edward D. Wood, Jr. and King Author.

I have been a feature reporter for HubPages since 2015 having written articles on Scotland’s Glasgow School of Art, the synthetic drug--Spice and many more. Currently I have been writing a book called TruHeart--book one in a series--based on a character I created, designed and portrayed during Halloween of 2014 and at Salt Lake Comic Con 2015.

The interviewees have COMPLETE CONTROL over the ENTIRE INTERVIEW AND THE ARTICLE itself and I sign a contract guaranteeing this.

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  • Epic Salt Lake Comic Con 2015

    Epic Salt Lake Comic Con 2015

    5 months ago

    Returning guest Marina Sirtis, aka Counselor Diana Troi, could not praise it enough to Hayley Atwell's and Chris Evans' agency convincing them to let Evans join the SLCC family.

  • Mythica Takes Everyone By Arrowstorm

    Mythica Takes Everyone By Arrowstorm

    5 months ago

    A race against time. A slave girl with dark uncontrollable power. A wizard wishing to hide. A warrior searching to regain honor. A thief whose more than he seems. All the elements of a box office smash hit backed by...

  • Edward D. Wood Jr.

    Edward D. Wood Jr.

    5 months ago

    Flop after flop after flop you have to admire his enthusiasm and determination. Even though he's movies were below B movie ratings he never quit doing what he love to do; direct.

  • Up In Smoke

    Up In Smoke

    5 months ago

    You would expect to see Harry Potter or Dumbledore walking through its illustrious corridors or Hermine Granger studying in the library. Could you imagine what it would feel like if it caught fire?

  • Spice Is Nice, But...

    Spice Is Nice, But...

    5 months ago

    It is called many names like Vanilla Sky, Ocean Snow and Cotton Cloud. It can have familar characters on it like Mickey Mouse, SpongeBob Squarepants or Jake And The Pirates to make it more kid friendly. But, is this...