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I'm Adrian McDonald, a film director & occasional photographer. Some say I am many persons as my yoke most certainly bears witness to this. What's my yoke? Well whilst some may consider their work to be a burden, I don't. Along with the above professions, I am also a website developer (a skill which has grown redundant) an etymologist and a freelance writer. Well there are many more but I'll leave it there for now.To date I have garnered many accomplishments and accolades all of which I will attempt to document in this 25-200 words biography, "I wonder if it will suffice."

Let's back track some years into the past to when I graduated from high school. Oh boy, those were quite some memorable years for me. Well... let me cut through the thorns. Leaving high school I acquired the necessary requisites along with an 'Honour of Excellence Certificate in Visual Arts' from the mayor of my parish. I applied for college got through for MBCC short for Montego Bay Community College; pursued my degree in tourism, accomplished that....completed a certificate course in web design and networking, accomplished that.NOTE: There are many more accomplishments to come, heheh.(2008) LANDED A TEACHING JOB... DON'T ASK WHY I'M TYPING IN CAPS. Ok better? For the four years I taught in the classroom I acquired teacher of the year consecutively and became the spelling bee coach for the parish which my students won for three consecutive years. Today I am no longer a teacher, so that's someone elses yoke, though it was quite fulfilling and a superb experience. After I resigned in 2012, I established my photography company, "Lexon Productions." http://www.lexonproductions.com

Due to God's blessings my website went to number one on Google for the relevant keywords in less than a year. Gratitude to Him. Today I am sitting here writing this biography and thinking, have I passed that 250 word mark? Oh, I am still writing, guess not.

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