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I originally joined Hubpages in order to help promote my blog. Though I still enjoy creating a certain atmosphere with my blog, I have really come to like the community and the opportunity to expand my writing to topics other than the outdoors. Check out some of my Hubs below, thanks for stopping by!

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      • Stumbleupon


        6 years ago

        Well, I just joined Stumbleupon, but will probably have to wait until tomorrow to start adding the bulk of my Hubs.  Let me know what you think about the site.  Also feel free to add me and I'll add you back,...

      • Views not showing?

        Views not showing?

        6 years ago

        It seems that I am not showing any new views since some time yesterday evening.  I'm even featured in the hub of the day and have been receiving comments, but I'm not showing that it has received any views...

      • How To Sign Up For SheToldMe

        How To Sign Up For SheToldMe

        6 years ago

        I've been seeing plenty of references to SheToldMe as a way to drive traffic to your hubs.  I have looked at the site and read a couple hubs that talk about using it, but I can not find a link to actually register...

      • Is The Hubpages Ad Program Worthwile?

        Is The Hubpages Ad Program Worthwile?

        6 years ago

        Now that the general Hubpages population can join the Hubpages ad program I have to wonder, is it worth it?  I have been with Hubpages about two months and have only gained a couple clicks on Adsense.  Do I...

      • Any advice or tips?

        Any advice or tips?

        6 years ago

        Hello, I've been on here for about six weeks now and have 19 hubs, with several more just about ready to publish for the writing contest.  I have been trying to write informative Hubs, mostly about the...

      • What is the lifecycle I should expect with my hubs?

        What is the lifecycle I should expect with my hubs?

        6 years ago

        I have not been on Hubpages very long, but I have already noticed a trend with my hubs.  The new hubs tend to get a fair number of views pretty quickly, I am assuming a lot of that has to do with hopping. ...