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Hello, world! I am an artist, a cook, and an avid gamer. I have spent most of my life traveling (I've never lived anywhere for more that 3 years in a row) And I love to have new experiences. I also have a habit of traveling on my stomach, when I think of a place, most of the time the first thing I think of is their food! I currently live in Montreal, Canada, and I am planning to stay for a while. I have been struggling with Crohns, an autoimmune disease that recently forced me to go through an emergency surgery for a punctured intestine, a procedure which saved my life. I am recovering well, but I am spending a lot more time at home on the internet, and writing lenses! My Lenses reflect my passions and my experiences, I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy making them! I also sell my artwork as prints, t-shirts cards, laptop/ipad skins, and phone covers on society6. You can find them at http://society6.com/AlexandraSutherland Yahoo! Mail Plus - Take control of your inbox.

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  • My top 10 Monsters from D&D

    My top 10 Monsters from D&D

    4 years ago

    I play D&D pretty regularly, and one of the things that always hooks new players is the monster manual. The reasons seem pretty obvious, who doesn't like looking at pictures of awesome monsters? But this lens isn't to...