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My name is Alexander Pease. I am twenty-one years old and write fictional novels. I grew up in Anderson, California. In January of 2011 I made a cross country trip to Maine.

After my computer fried, I lost all of my works. I took it as a sign to take a break, a breather, and start over again when I felt ready. It was a big loss for me, as all of what I worked on was lost.

I return to Hubpages after a half year break, hoping to break back into my writing skills. It is my goal to create fantastical stories that engage the reader and transport them to another place.

Disclaimer: My books are all fictional. The events and people portrayed in my books and hubs are fictional.

I like reading, writing, drawing, and painting. I spend most of my day working and coming up with new ideas. My paintings are quiet amateur, so I don't paint very often. I am better at drawing still life than painting.

Writing is preferable to me over reading. When I am writing it is easy to make the story go any way that I want. But with reading, there is only one way that the story can go. I write about things both current and those that interest me.

*I am down-to-Earth, peaceful kind of guy. I try to look at things with a sense of logical and spiritual understanding.*

Check out my current hubs below! :)

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