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My name is AnaIris Rodriguez (D.O.B 2-24-87) , I was born and raised in Boston Mass which at the present time I don't live at anymore due to the fact that I have decided to make some changes in my life.

I am a single mother of a son and a caretaker for my mother of course, and recently engaged to the best man I have ever met in my whole entire life , which loves my son to death his name soon to be revealed ; )

I am an ougoing person, I have an open mind to a lot of things like the Paranormal, Conspiracy Theories, UFO , and religion also many, many other things as well.

Sometimes I spend my time with my son and my pets most of the time. I am an animal Lover and I am against animal cruelty as well.

The best way to describe myself would be I am the coolest most caring funny person to be around.

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  • 10 Things men hate in a relationship

    10 Things men hate in a relationship

    6 years ago

    Getting along Have you ever wondered why your relationship started to go sour...? In relationships men don't like women who smother, gossip, judge, stuck up, bossy, jealous,argue, stalk, cheat, and most of it all...