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Amie Butchko is a freelance writer living in Warwick, NY, with her husband and 3 children. Her specialties include web writing and marketing, parenting, religion and literature. Her interests are cooking, fashion, beauty. She maintains a lifelong passion for words and her joy and purpose remains always, family.

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      • Reposted Article

        Reposted Article

        3 years ago

        I used to write on Yahoo Contributor Network and when they closed, they said we had the rights to our content that went unpublished.  I was going to bring one of my articles over here, but noticed it got reposted,...

      • Broken Links

        Broken Links

        3 years ago

        Several of my hubs have broken links, and while I am certainly intent on fixing them, I was wondering how urgently others make this a priority in their own hubbing?  For some reason, videos get taken down, or...

      • Point-Counterpoint Feature

        Point-Counterpoint Feature

        3 years ago

        I was just thinking, it might be cool to have a point/counterpoint feature in which on author might provide a counterpoint to a hub already written.  If they were both good, perhaps they could somehow be featured...

      • Editing a hub

        Editing a hub

        3 years ago

        This morning I made a very minor change to one of my hubs.  I simply added a comment capsule because it was missing one and I really thought that given the topic, a comment section could help readers share personal...

      • Teaching children the true meaning of Christmas

        Teaching children the true meaning of Christmas

        3 years ago

        For fellow HP parents preparing for the Christmas holiday - what things do you do to focus appropriate attention on the spiritual significance of the holiday amidst all the pursuits of getting?

      • Improving Existing Hubs

        Improving Existing Hubs

        3 years ago

        When you try to improve the score on an existing hub, for example, if you add in proper SEO techniques after the hub has already been published - or if you add a video to try to make it a more comprehensive hub, is it...

      • article scoring

        article scoring

        3 years ago

        Do article scores fluctuate depending on traffic over time?  In other words, can the score for individual hubs go down over time because they are not optimized properly?

      • No follow links

        No follow links

        4 years ago

        I just passed boot camp with 5 featured hubs, but my links are still set at "no follow."  My score is currently 83, so I am wondering if my hubs from now on, might have "do follow" links? ...