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Amy is a professional journalist and columnist with experience in both online and print publishing. She currently manages several blogs, including her personal parenting blog Adorable Chaos.

Amy's areas of expertise include parenting, travel, health, career development and interior design. In her spare time, she is a knitter, equestrian and avid reader.

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      • Problem Moderating Comments

        Problem Moderating Comments

        7 years ago

        I just noticed that the approve / deny buttons are reversed. If I click approve, the comment is denied, and vice versa.Am I the only one having this issue? I almost denied a whole bunch of comments because I didn't...

      • Not usually superstitious but...

        Not usually superstitious but...

        9 years ago

        I currently have a very unlucky number of fans! Could someone please just become a fan and push this over the "mark" for me? Pretty please?

      • I am Woman, Hear me roar!

        I am Woman, Hear me roar!

        9 years ago

        I was just told to be more humble by a garbage producing, copyright violating gloved hand.  He obviously thinks I owe him respect because I am a mere woman.  He tried to redeem himself by saying that he didn't...

      • Boston Area

        Boston Area

        8 years ago

        What are your favorite towns surrounding Boston?  We may be relocating soon and I was hoping to get a feel for the area from people who really know what they are talking about!I love charming old New England towns....

      • Videos vanishing

        Videos vanishing

        9 years ago

        Is anyone else having this problem? All of my videos - everywhere in hubpages - have vanished.   All that is left are the titles.Is this just me?

      • Happy Mother's Day!

        Happy Mother's Day!

        9 years ago

        I just wanted to take a second to wish all the Mother Hubber's here a very happy mother's day!  So to all the working moms, single moms, stay at home, work from home moms and the very tired overworked moms (did I...

      • 200th Fan Milestone

        200th Fan Milestone

        9 years ago

        This is a really big deal to me! I have been waiting, oh so patiently all day, for my 200th fan to come along - and finally she did! Thank you Desert Blondie!  (oh, and everyone else too:) )

      • Do you push your kids, just a little?

        Do you push your kids, just a little?

        9 years ago

        If your child has been involved in and commited to an activity but suddenly wants to quit, do you let them?My daughter has decided she wants to quit dance. She takes 3 classes a week (her choice) and all of her recital...

      • Dealing with Bullies and mean girls

        Dealing with Bullies and mean girls

        9 years ago

        My eight-year-old daughter is having trouble with mean girls already. Does anyone have any advice? She is shy, and the kids in her class are picking on her, for no particular reason. I am working with the teacher to...

      • Problems with links

        Problems with links

        9 years ago

        Please help!  I have added links to my hub (contest entry for today) at least five times now and every time I save it, they all just completely vanish. Any ideas how to fix this?  I published it thinking it...

      • When to Flag a Hub

        When to Flag a Hub

        9 years ago

        Hi, I was hoping someone could tell me what the guidelines are for flagging a hub. I came across one just now that I am not sure about and I don't want to flag something that maybe okay. Thanks,Amy

      • Summary Text

        Summary Text

        9 years ago

        Hi - I'm kind of new to creating hubs and  I was hoping someone could explain a little about summary text.  What are the advantages of writing it instead of having it done automatically? What is the goal of it...