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Writing is my aspiration. I'm mostly interested in reviewing movies and books which are real Works of Art. But I also intend to write and publish here some (hopefully helpful) info on topics such as delicious national cuisines, culture, art and lifestyles, health, travel, fashion and relationships.

While the main idea behind creating some of my hubs is for them to be helpful and give some useful advice (hopefully yet again!), others are more analytical in the way they deal with various issues, if not somewhat controversial, I must say, and encourage the reader to think for him/herself which in my view is really, crucially, critically, and even vitally important.

I encourage everyone to participate actively in the discussion of the issues that we raise in our hubs and to give us, writers, some helpful and honest feedback. Share your views with us! For without those this whole venture loses a great deal in its value and meaning.

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