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Andres Benatar profile image

Andres Benatar

Joined 20 months ago from POMPANO BEACH




Also follow me on:

I am a writer, and no I am not someone who wants to simply dabble in the craft, make money, and then join a mass society of snobs who then lose their sense of wonder and creativity after reaching a helm of success. No, that’s not me. I simply enjoy the craft enough to accept that what I write might never be appreciated by anyone other than myself.

But that to me is the critical element of a writer, to write simply because it is an essence of their definition, and not simply that of the people they are trying to entertain. I love the craft. I practice it every day, and that's all that needs to be said about me because I enjoy what I do in that it is a very lone pursuit that can challenge any real individual who wants to go out and explore their own creativity to new degrees, and when it comes to crafting something that speaks of originality.

My main subject of focus is that of films, and most of the time I usually write about films in style aesthetic of film criticism, or reviews if we want to describe it in simpler terms that is. But I don't simply want to write about film. I also want to write film. I want to be a screenwriter, which is why I work on the final draft app of my iPad every day. I take notes on the diagrams I use for organizing and properly structuring the narrative, and I do one rewrite after another, which at times can be agonizing yet equally enlightening in the respect in that it gives me the chance to constantly explore vast levels of my creativity again and again, in areas I didn't even believe I was capable of reaching. I have been writing for many years, and even with that significant amount of practice, I don't think of myself of some ace writer, or a pro smug enough to gloat about it.

However, I feel it is fair enough to say that in my ongoing and unknown journey as a writer, I have improved in that I have become more open and forthright when it comes to adopting as well as adapting to various methods of creative development with each pen stroke and every keyboard click I make. I strain the word "unknown" because I think that is the essential journey of the writer. They (meaning myself), can't know for certain where it will take me, and although it is very daunting at times, on a rather positive note, I can also say that it is very liberating in that can open you up to tackle new areas of creativity and expansion.

And when it comes to the subject, although I love film. I love talking about it, critiquing it, and even writing it. But also enjoy the various forms of literature, and every experience that reading a new book brings out of me, whether the genre delves into the classics, most recent, or for that matter even that of the graphic novel (Comic book), which to this day seems as though it hasn't received the fair amount of praise, even with the large increase in comic book films. Nevertheless, I enjoy writing, and I hope my love for it can entertain anyone willing to give it a chance enough to read over in this page.

Best Regards and Enjoy, Andres Benatar

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