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Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris

Joined 11 years ago from Around the USA




Personally, I've been married for a long, long time. My husband and I have 3 kids. All of them are pretty much grown. I homeschooled all of them.

The rest of the family consists of two mutts and three cats. I would own a zoo if I could, but they keep us pretty busy all by themselves.

Now my husband, youngest daughter, and I do a fair share of traveling around the USA due to his occupation. That has presented lots of opportunities to meet interesting people and give me experiences to share with others online.

I'm an online writer. The subjects that I write about include topics that are passions of mine, that I know well, or want to learn. Some of these subjects include cooking, alternative health, travel, music, books, animals, online businesses, pop culture, ancient history, homeschooling, and anything that makes me laugh.

I have really become fond of the Hubpages community. I enjoy writing and making money online and hope to turn it into a full-time income by the end of this year. Read along with me and give me some hints, tips, and suggestions for any articles.

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    • CTR Drop- Anyone Else?

      CTR Drop- Anyone Else?

      8 years ago

      My CTR at Hubpages has been taking a nosedive, about half from normal. I decided to not panic, figuring Hubpages was just experimenting with ad placements or something similar.However, it's been a month now, and still my click-thrus are way below my normal rate. I thought maybe it was because of...

    • Kontera Reports Not Updated?

      Kontera Reports Not Updated?

      10 years ago

      The last date on my Kontera summary with earnings information is 7/7. I am curious as to what I earned yesterday. Anyone else not have an updated report?

    • Gravely Mismatched Statistics

      Gravely Mismatched Statistics

      10 years ago

      I noticed that one of my hubs got the coveted double red arrows today. And with good reason- it shows more than 650 visitors! However, when I check on adsense, I only have 46 pageviews. I haven't had an increase in clicks for that huge traffic boost, either.This has me a little concerned about...

    • How Do You Stay Motivated?

      How Do You Stay Motivated?

      4 years ago

      I am such a champ at procrastination. I am well aware that this online thing takes time, effort, and lots of work. Yet for the past couple of days, I have not been able to get motivated to do anything constructive online. Of course, I've had time to post on the forum's 'last post contest' thread...

    • 2 Column With RSS Capsule Not Formatting Properly

      2 Column With RSS Capsule Not Formatting Properly

      10 years ago

      I have made a few hubs lately that are two columns with one column being an RSS capsule. I had no problems with this format until about a week ago. Now whenever I try to do this, it leaves a huge ugly gap of white space and places the capsules below the RSS capsule instead of beside it. It looks...

    • Can't Answer Requests

      Can't Answer Requests

      10 years ago

      Anyone else having problem answering requests? I just tried to make two different hubs. Both were requests and I couldn't get past the first page where you enter the name and tags on either one of them. Anyone else having this problem?

    • Anyone else's traffic ramped up?

      Anyone else's traffic ramped up?

      10 years ago

      Hey guys and gals,In the last two days, my Hub traffic has really picked up. I would guess about 40%.I don't know if I've been Stumbled or what, as the traffic seems to be a general across the board increase.Anyone else having this phenomenom happen to them? I'm excited. I hope it doesn't end.

    • Anyone having problems posting comments?

      Anyone having problems posting comments?

      10 years ago

      I can't seem to be able to post comments. This has happened before, but always cleared up in a couple of hours. Does anyone else have this problem at times?

    • Invisibility or Ability to Teleport? Which Would You Choose?

      Invisibility or Ability to Teleport? Which Would You Choose?

      9 years ago

      After watching a certain unnamed movie, my daughter and I got on the discussion of superpowers. If you had the choice, would you rather be able to A) be able to become invisible whenever you wished? (not stuck being invisible all of the time or B) be able to teleport from place to place as quickly...

    • Is masturbation (the topic, not the act!) allowed with Google Adsense?

      Is masturbation (the topic, not the act!) allowed with Google Adsense?

      10 years ago

      In regards to the Hublove contest as well- Can I write about masturbation or is that outside the guidelines for the Hubs? And would that be against the TOS? Family oriented or whatever the exact phrase used is so subjective.Sorry if this makes no sense. I'm sleepy. I actually came to the forum to...

    • Go, Big Blue!

      Go, Big Blue!

      10 years ago

      That's all...Just wanted to show my support for the BEST BASKETBALL TEAM EVER!

    • Problem with traffic on ALL Hubpages?

      Problem with traffic on ALL Hubpages?

      10 years ago

      My Adsense is way down today, and the reason why is my traffic is way down as well. I checked my Hubs and big bad blue arrows are on every Hub that has decent traffic. All but one. The only Hubs that are unaffected are the ones that don't have enough traffic to matter anyway. And, no, none of the...

    • Apologize for not answering any comments, etc.

      Apologize for not answering any comments, etc.

      10 years ago

      Hey all, I've been away for awhile- since before Christmas. Needless to say, the end of 2007 was not pretty. But I have high hopes for 2008, including Hubpages!I just wanted to send a quick note to let anyone who may have sent a comment, et cetera, that I hope to be catching up on all of my...

    • Slideshows Red Arrows Moved Up?

      Slideshows Red Arrows Moved Up?

      10 years ago

      I would like to have a lot of photos for some hubs. However, the page loading time would be a killer.But I don't like using the Slideshow option. To me, the red arrows to navigate the slideshow are too low. They almost sit on the title of the capsule below and look like they belong to THAT capsule....

    • Photo copyrights?

      Photo copyrights?

      10 years ago

      I have a few Hubs with photos and/or videos. I've been limited in photo selections because I'm afraid of copyright issues. This has resulted in below average Hubs. I've noticed lots of awesome Hubs with tons of photos and videos. Very few have any photo credits. I would really like to improve my...

    • Adsense- Lower CTR and eCPMs?

      Adsense- Lower CTR and eCPMs?

      10 years ago

      The good news is that I had a record-breaking (for me) traffic day at Hubpages yesterday.The bad news is that for the last few days both my CTR and eCPM rates have been down- by about half! I know that the Hubpages staff constantly experiments for us Hubbers to get optimal results. At first I...

    • Firefox Problems?

      Firefox Problems?

      11 years ago

      I can't edit or create a Hub using Firefox. Every time I attempt to save a capsule, a window pops up that says 'Microsoft encountered an error and needs to close' or something along those lines. I've had to use Internet Explorer to work with Hubs.Anyone else experiencing similar problems?

    • Whoever submitted one of my pages to StumbleUpon, thank you!

      Whoever submitted one of my pages to StumbleUpon, thank you!

      11 years ago

      One of my HubPages got massive hits (for me, anyway) and my stats show a surge in traffic from StumbleUpon. I almost had to pick myself up off of the floor.If a fellow hubber submitted one of my pages, a sincere thank you is in order. Much thanks!

    • Help! Clicked 'no ads' setting, but still seeing ads

      Help! Clicked 'no ads' setting, but still seeing ads

      11 years ago

      I read on another section of the forum about Google's policy against sites that 'sell and promote beer and hard alcohol' or something to that effect. I have a few Hubpages that are about alcoholic drinks, but I'm not sure what 'promoting' alcohol means. There are lots of sites in top Google...

    • Traffic decrease?

      Traffic decrease?

      11 years ago

      Has anyone noticed a significant decrease in traffic?I'm not sure if it's just my Hubpages, if it's due to Google goofing around again, or something as simple as it's summertime and everyone's away from the computer. But my traffic stats have decreased in the past couple of days at least 30%,...

    • Adding Existing Hub to Requested Hub

      Adding Existing Hub to Requested Hub

      11 years ago

      Hi,I've found a hub request that matches a hub I already published. Is it possible to add my existing hub to the request list? Someone had asked this previously, but didn't get an answer.Thanks for any help.Angela

    • Can't delete tags

      Can't delete tags

      11 years ago

      Whenever I try to delete a tag, a message pops up that reads 'Are you sure you want to navigate from this page?' It won't allow me to delete the tag. It just acts as if I'm clicking on a tag and wishing to go to another page. Anyone else having this problem?

    • Why do some hubs not have a 'Related Hubs' box?

      Why do some hubs not have a 'Related Hubs' box?

      11 years ago

      I've noticed some hubs don't have a 'Related Hubs' box on the page. Does anyone know why?I'm certain there are related hubs, as they are on common subjects. This is potentially losing visitors' time spent on Hubpages, as there may be related hubs that they would click on and visit if that related...

    • Does the Stats page include me as traffic?

      Does the Stats page include me as traffic?

      11 years ago

      I've been doing a lot of editing on a couple of hubs and the traffic has also increased quite a bit. It seems like I noticed that before when I edited a hub.Does anyone know if the traffic stats exclude the 'hubmaster' or not? Also, if each stat visitor is a unique?Thanks in advance, as I don't...

    • What is the purpose of groups?

      What is the purpose of groups?

      11 years ago

      I don't understand the purpose. I created a group for my related hubpages, but I don't see that anything has changed. What exactly are groups? Why would we want to create one? What is their advantage to a hubpage?