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AngelicaHementera profile image

Angelica Ebarvia Hementera (AngelicaHementera)

Joined 5 years ago from Philippines. Last activity 7 weeks ago.




Also follow me on:

“I am deeply and incomprehensibly in love with you.”

Would you believe I chanced upon writing because of the unfathomable admiration I had with a boy during my kindergarten years? I was 5 years old then and yes, the love fever hit me too quickly. I can remember it vividly. In the grounds of my alma mater, Montessori Agazzi, he befriended me, shared snacks with me, and gave me a daily supply of love letters before I hit my school bus home. It was like unwrapping a box of chocolates for every letter I read tirelessly – again and again. Those were my bedtime stories apart from the usual fairy tales. I religiously answered every letter with the best creative paper fold I could think of and with a drop of my favourite Johnson’s baby cologne as my trademark. As expected, we outgrew each other as we stepped on the first grade. I remembered myself crying so hard while listening to the song of Janno Gibbs, “Ipagpatawad Mo.” Looking back, this memory became more hilarious to me than heartbreaking. He had left me for another girl in the class because she looked like Sharon Cuneta and I looked like Maricel Laxa. How can I compete with the Megastar if I can only say, “Ingat” before we say goodbyes? Funny as it was, my passion for writing has never left me since. Writing courted me every minute – that feeling, ruptured every heartbreak to an incessant moment of breakthrough using my familiar love letter tools – a pen and a piece of Hello Kitty paper.

“I will never get tired of saying ‘I love you’ until you realized I have reserved my lifetime just for you.”

Mother of Divine Providence School, my relentless alma mater convinced me to join, “The Pamarisan” a highschool-wide writing competition in my area. There were countless of times that I dreamt of that moment before and I often nudged myself to wake up from that figment of fantasy. Yet, I was so happy that I made it there. I got almost drowned in distasteful intimidation from other students. I responded smiles to their frowns and snobs. I didn't mind, though. I extracted every ounce of brilliance off my writing soul not because of what the narcissistic competition might bring but because I fervently want to nail the message home for every reader. It was almost implausibly surreal when my name was called as “The Best Feature Writer” and “The Best Editorial Writer”. Modesty aside, I realized that no matter how I’ve felt dwarfed for countless of times by other people, there is always a space for my tiniest self in the greatest scheme of things. Thank God!

“I am deeply and incomprehensibly in love with you.”

I promised myself ever since that I would not regret sticking my neck in deep work to enhance God’s gift to me. It is in my gift of BEST that I could offer something back to Him, to the world I live in and to the people I can touch lives and share blessings with. That feeling of fulfilment never fails to compensate every bodily pain and headache I went through to complete tasks. My heightened perkiness with WRITING led me to be introduced me to its greatest ally, and that is TEACHING.

“I will never get tired of saying ‘I love you’ until you realized I have reserved my lifetime just for you.”

Passion is paramount for every God’s gift given to you. Using reading, writing and experience as springboards, continuously bristled my training/teaching career in dynamism in the corporate world for 11 years now. I have encountered numerous shady people who had insane thoughts of getting ahead by stabbing people at the back. I remembered a colleague once said, “You need to know your ‘diskarte’ to be in the race.” I silently thought, “Oh my, some people willingly sell their souls just to get what they selfishly want – sheer recognition & false promotion.” By the way, she and her so-called friends never fail to be in their daily condescending blabber-fest of people in the company. I had no intention of taking part in a culture I do not believe in. I realized some people are cruel because this is their smokescreen to hide their insecurities and emptiness. Modesty aside, I am thankful to have encountered and learned from them because without them, I would have not plunged into my dream in a whole new level as a Spearhead of Training & Organization Development and at the same time, a Writer. I’ll be forever grateful! Amidst that defeaning negative talk-a-thon of these cruel people, I am happy cherishing a supportive family and genuine friends in my journey that have been my invincible fortress up to now - and I firmly believe until I reach my golden years. Just like every humbling reminder that each experience holds, I will give my lifetime to be the best person I can become for Him.

And for my lifetime partner that I have serendipitously met because of training, writing and love letters, I can never be more excited to say, "I am deeply and incomprehensibly in love with you. I will never get tired of saying, 'I love you' until you realize I have reserved my lifetime just for you."

- Angelica, fondly called as "Gel", "Angel" or "Angeli" is a proud Filipina and a believer of Christ who just LOVES everything that this LIFE brings.

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