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Hey, So I am a Young author trying to make a name for my self. I love to write , and writing online articles Follow me. I also love to listen to music, blog, and make AMV`s. I love to meet new people every day and get a greater following to become successful.Anime is my weak and strong point, its what keeps me going and motivated along with keeping me sane. Without, Anime and Manga in my life I am not balanced. I love all type of Anime, Im an Animelover what they would call it. I even like romance Anime along with sad Anime/Manga. I love to watch Anime Movies with cookies thats my thing.

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  • Xam'd Lost Memories Vs Eureka Seven

    Xam'd Lost Memories Vs Eureka Seven

    6 years ago

    I want to tell you about the Similarities and Differences between Eureka Seven & Xam`d: Lost Memories. Most people realize this right when they start to watch one of the anime`s because the entire feel of it is so close...

  • Are Manga Box Sets Worth it?

    Are Manga Box Sets Worth it?

    5 years ago

    What do you think? Is a Manga book box set worth it to you? Is paying all that money for about twenty comic/manga books of each and every volume worth it? I mean would you go to the book store and buy each manga volume...