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You can thank my dear Edinburgh friends for the name. I think it's quite amusing.

Moved to Costa Rica, from Edinburgh (Scotland), in May 2010 with my female West Highland Terrier "Fredi" who absolutely loves it here.

Still trying to settle in and very determined to do so. Although I love Edinburgh and miss my family, friends and social life, I moved for peace and tranquility having visited a few times and being in love with the environment, way of life and people.

However, I have met with many difficult challenges, both from the UK/GB and Costa Rica. I published them, in short form, on Facebook. Many friends commented and appeared to enjoy them and, with some suggesting I write a "Blog", I eventually submitted.

These pages will include my trials and tribulations, amongst other things, and I do hope you enjoy the read(s) that hopefully catch you smiling or/and raising your eyebrows now and again.

I was a Contractor/Consultant, in IT Project/Programme Management, working with Blue Chip organisations, government, police and banks. Living in Costa Rica is a far cry from the "Rat Race" but, who knows, when I've nothing left to live off, I may return to it for a while but I'm hoping it's not necessary.

I currently live in a mountain area with stunning views. During the cooler months it can be cold at night and it's very exposed to the strong winds and rains during "Windy Season" and "Rainy Season". I needed to find this out but don't fancy living through that again, in my tiny house, along with the isolation I've put myself through, so I'll be moving closer to town to a bigger house.

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