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Are They Just Words?

Do you remember a time before you could speak? Are you able to clearly recall emotional responses to events in your childhood environmen? I know I can't, not really. There are a few flashing images of family members cooing me around the pram, or the cold glare of my grandmothers disproving eye as I ate insects or something. But nothing too tangible springs to mind about a time without words.

Words provide context and symbolism to our environment. They are the tool we use to conceptualise and correlate the world around us. They teach our kids, keep our elderly and vulnerable secure and reassured, without words we can not eat, build our homes, learn to drive or advance in any of the magnificent ways in which we have. Since Prometheus gave us fire or Thoth gave us the Mystery School, who ever or what ever it was; how ever words came about or what we do with them I feel it's simply important to acknowledge their infinite magic and possibility. Their wonder.

Ask yourself 'are they really just words?' and explore the answer. You'll be amazed at what you find

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