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''What if everything in the world were a misunderstanding?'' You might be wondering why I chose to open my bio with a philosophical quote. Besides being a Finance, Insurances, Banking and Stock Markets student in Bucharest, I can declare myself to be a passionate writer that never ceases to question everything around himself. Altough it seems daunting at times, I strive to learn and share my insight with others. My educational background consists of the aforementioned studies at The Bucharest University of Economic Studies, several Creative Writing Courses taken through the Writer's Digest Platform, which helped me structure my stream of thoughts and write more appropriately, with respect to the subject at hand. Also, I have completed Cisco's Certified Networking Academy, which enabled me to further broaden my perspectives.

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  • Between Tolerance and Fanaticism

    Between Tolerance and Fanaticism

    5 months ago

    Fanaticism throughout history and how to combat it peacefully by projecting tolerance. I've used Voltaire's Treatise on Tolerance as a powerful mile-stone for promoting tolerance as a way of life.

  • Paragon of The Cursed Ones

    Paragon of The Cursed Ones

    5 months ago

    A Psychological Thriller/Horror Short Story I wrote about the occult, man's desire for absolute knowledge and emotional loss.

  • The Higher Truth, A Way of Dogma?

    The Higher Truth, A Way of Dogma?

    5 months ago

    Through this piece of writing, I'm trying to shed some light on these two concepts and whether you should choose one or another as a way of life, by inciting an inner debate within you.