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Hello there! I'm 21 years old as of this year and I'm honestly just trying this to see where this lead. I am and have been a fan of BTS since 2015, but at the same time, I have also become a fan of other groups and solo artists. My favorite solo Artist by far is Eric Nam because of his voice and the lyrics appeal to me and my emotions.
I really enjoy the outdoors and hiking is a passion of mine. As well as spending time with friends and making those around me as happy as possible. I don't really see myself with happiness, but try to give it to others. I have a 97% success rate on that. Haha

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  • When Is It My Turn?

    When Is It My Turn?

    2 days ago

    I was thinking about my life and for some reason I was also thinking about roller coasters. that's when it hit me that the lines are the same with life sometimes. You have to be patient and wait.

  • A Misunderstanding

    A Misunderstanding

    7 days ago

    She has met the strangers and as the title says, there's "A Misunderstanding".

  • If It Were a Dream: A Fan Fiction Novel

    If It Were a Dream: A Fan Fiction Novel

    5 days ago

    It is about a girl who is antisocial and hates crowded places, but one day she runs into a group of strange men, all of whom were dressed in all black attire. Will she be able to face them?