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ashelladyhawke profile image

Nancy (ashelladyhawke)

Joined 8 years ago from California




Also follow me on:

Hello it's Ashel Ladyhawke. Here it is already over halfway through 2017. Damn, it's been a rollercoaster ride. I have seven grandchildren. Three of which I live with, and the other four live in South Carolina. I love to write poetry as I can express what is in my heart and/or mind. While some posts are very old, they are a reflection of what was in my mind at the time of the writing and not necessarily how I'm feeling now. May the Great Spirit keep you cradled in the arms of love.

Peace and blessings to you all.

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  • Blackness of the Soul

    Blackness of the Soul

    3 years ago

    When you hurt everyone who has ever come in your life.....

  • Days of Despair Poem Part 2

    Days of Despair Poem Part 2

    5 years ago

    Just when I begin to feel That things are getting better The thoughts come round again and Days of Despair are there still. Loneliness washes over me Even though I am surrounded by Loved ones each and every day but yet Days of...

  • Days of Despair

    Days of Despair

    14 months ago

    I think the poem itself is self explanatory. Why must there....Be days like this...Just deep dark sorrow...Instead of bliss? Into the bottomless...Pit do I fall...Alone and scared...And oh so small.

  • The Sound of Beauty (Part 2)

    The Sound of Beauty (Part 2)

    14 months ago

    A more in dept look at the beauty that surrounds each of us in the circle of this that we call life. You gotta stop and smell the roses sometimes. Otherwise you're an empty shell.

  • The Sound of Beauty (part) 1

    The Sound of Beauty (part) 1

    14 months ago

    Back in the saddle and going strong. Hope you enjoy the quiet as much as I do. Leave me a comment. Thanks & Brightest Blessings.

  • Cumbersome feelings

    Cumbersome feelings

    6 years ago

    Hard to believe that I actually wrote a poem again. I thought that ability was no longer there. I just get so tired of it all sometimes. I know others do too. Don't forget to leave me a comment. Thanks and hope you enjoy.

  • One Beautiful Soul

    One Beautiful Soul

    7 years ago

    Once I found a beautiful soul Pure and sweet; it filled a hole Inside my heart that has been there so long Now all my heart does, is sing love songs. I’m so scared from past hurts One of my many little quirks But I want to give...

  • There Once Was A Man

    There Once Was A Man

    7 years ago

    There once was a man from the UK Who thought I was more than OK His eyes shined bright Even in the night Because of his love for me. He became to be my all Just to hear him call Made my heart leap My heart for him to keep Forever and a day...

  • Unavailable Intimacy

    Unavailable Intimacy

    7 years ago

      How is it you can want someone so much that there is real physical pain inside that won’t go away? Whether it’s mid-afternoon, morning, or night—just looking at that person causes a stirring of desire. And why does it make you feel...

  • Dying Friend

    Dying Friend

    14 months ago

    What do you do when Your best friend is dying And the pain you feel Keeps you from crying You know a part of you Will no longer be there The reality of which You can hardly bear What can you do What can you say ...

  • What Happened To The House Full of Love

    What Happened To The House Full of Love

    14 months ago

    There once was a house full of love Nothing, it seemed, could break the bond. But somewhere along the way All the love fell between the cracks Leaving the house in total chaos. The ones who suffer the most Were the children...

  • If I Could Have Just One Day

    If I Could Have Just One Day

    14 months ago

    Miserable!!!! Can there ever be relief from the pain I feel of late? Why do I have to always have some thing wrong? Why can’t my equilibrium be steady, My fibromyalgia under control, My hearing be somewhat decent No...

  • A Good Day on a Bad Day

    A Good Day on a Bad Day

    14 months ago

    My daughter and me Here I sit in the quiet and stillness of the night, watching my computer do a boot scan, smoking a cigarette, and feeling at peace with the world. July 7th should not be that way for me; for if life had gone the way it should...

  • Peace and Contentment

    Peace and Contentment

    8 years ago

    As I sat outside Watering the grass today There was a puddle of water A thrush was just playing away. Without a care in the world Just splashing around And I wondered what it’d be like To have that kind of freedom abound. ...

  • Prayer From The Soul

    Prayer From The Soul

    14 months ago

    Praying for peace within

  • Loving that becomes a Lie

    Loving that becomes a Lie

    4 years ago

    When true love goes sour, it feels as though the time spent was a lie.

  • All Of.....

    All Of.....

    8 years ago

    All of life is a dream; Whether it’s good or it’s bad Whether it’s funny or sad— All of life is a dream. All of the world is a stage; From an opera to a play, Lasting weeks or just a day— All of the world is a...

  • What Spirit Is To Me

    What Spirit Is To Me

    8 years ago

    The expanse of everything. Spirit is everywhere In every rock, bird, or tree Every grain of sand, every drop of rain Spirit is there, and also in me. When the leaves rustle in the wind Spirit is talking to me With every...

  • Reflections of a Parent

    Reflections of a Parent

    14 months ago

    Watching my grandkids grow Right in front of my eyes Everyday a new experience Everything a new surprise It seems like only yesterday My kids were their size. Where does the time go Zooming by so fast And every...

  • Complexity of Yourself

    Complexity of Yourself

    8 years ago

    I was hoping I would find What’s been missing in my life But although I have tried I’ve caused nothing but strife. I guess I’m too complex For someone to really love Why, I do not know The answer must come from...

  • Flight of the Inner Spirit

    Flight of the Inner Spirit

    8 years ago

    I’m struck by all that I am And all I can never be The chains of my life Refuse to set me free. If I close my eyes real tight As an eagle do I soar Bonds just melt away I’m free again once more. I have to open my eyes...

  • What I Hope Heaven Will Be

    What I Hope Heaven Will Be

    8 years ago

     No more strife, no more war; no sickness or despair, And everyone I ever knew will all be up there. Where streets are of gold and robes are white Where there is no day and there is no night. Where deaf people hear; where blind people see ...

  • Wisdom About Life

    Wisdom About Life

    14 months ago

    Lives are broken everyday By what we do or what we say And there is no going back to yesterday All we can do is ask for forgiveness. Lives are made richer by the moment By things that are given or money spent Buying some food or paying the rent...

  • When You Need Me There

    When You Need Me There

    7 years ago

    When over your head a dark cloud does stray And your world turns all gloomy and gray Inside your heart, a burst of despair and dismay When the weight of the world on your shoulders lay To all of this I can only say--I’ll be there. When there...

  • Being With The Lord & Lady

    Being With The Lord & Lady

    4 years ago

    Enjoying a time with the Divine. Blessed Be.

  • Trying to Help You Understand Me

    Trying to Help You Understand Me

    8 years ago

    I’m sorry that I hurt you And you feel the same that’s true Don’t let it tear us apart For without you, I am blue. You know that I love you With all my heart and soul Without you I am lost For it is you that makes me whole. I...

  • Fibromyalgia the Nightmare

    Fibromyalgia the Nightmare

    8 years ago

     No relief of the pain Day in and day out Being tired all the time Never enough sleep Every little thing Becomes a major chore Nerves stay taunt Muscles stay tight Depression or anxiety Is always there Irritability is...

  • Value of an Eagle

    Value of an Eagle

    8 years ago

     The eagle is a protector of all it watches over Having an eagle in your house is like a four-leaf clover. He makes sure that no one bothers your domain, that all stays the way it should-- it all remains the same. So, if you have an...

  • Storm Saga

    Storm Saga

    8 years ago

    When his sword cuts through the sky Causing a streak of light as it goes by-- The roar of thunder is his cry of pain And his tears fall to the ground as rain. For just out of reach is his bride to be The one who has such golden hair-- And all...

  • Addictions


    8 years ago

    Everywhere you look, everyone has some sort of addiction. To many, it is hard to admit or believe as they refuse to see it for the what it truly is.

  • Burden or Limbo

    Burden or Limbo

    8 years ago

    Should I stay or should I go? Would anyone really care? I’m nothing more than a burden/a> A cross for someone to bear. I do not know the way to turn Which is right or wrong I feel as if in limbo No where to really...

  • Perceptions of a person

    Perceptions of a person

    7 years ago

    You want to call me a liar When the truth is not what you believe And in all actuality The truth’s not something you can conceive. I may have made bad judgments before Out of fear, or spite, or pain Not once were...

  • My Special Place

    My Special Place

    8 years ago

    The perfect spot!!!! I go to my special place beside the sea When all I want is to feel free Of all this pain and uncertainty That always seems to plague me. My special place is a cottage With a white picket fence And the...

  • Long Ago Dream

    Long Ago Dream

    8 years ago

    I sit here and wait For the day I can be With the one I will share The rest of my life with. He waits for me too With arms wide open And love in his heart As I have in mine. What will it be I do not know Good times and bad That I do know...

  • Loving and Leaving

    Loving and Leaving

    8 years ago

    Well here I go again, wearing my heart out on my sleeve Just when I find something special, I have to go and leave. I know I shall return for you have said it so But if I had my way, I would never go. How you’ve pierced my heart to the very core...

  • Budding Romance

    Budding Romance

    8 years ago

    Giddy feelings from possible new romance that most people can associate with. Wonder if it feels that way for others. Hmmmm?

  • Poetry Galore (part 2)

    Poetry Galore (part 2)

    8 years ago

    I wish I could find joy By starting all of life anew Unlike the times before though I am constantly feeling blue. Everywhere I turn or go There’s an obstacle in my path Leading down a one-way street Of heartache, pain, and wrath. I...

  • Broken Record

    Broken Record

    4 years ago

    Life for me feels like a broken road.