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I am a Mass Communications major at the University of Southern Mississippi, a firm believer in Jesus Christ, and an obsessor of NOLA. An aspiring author, artist, and overzealous dreamer, I pray that I can encourage others facing dificult and uncertain times. As a former spinal fusion patient at Children's Hospital, my ultimate goal in life is to share my story in hopes of influencing someone else's life for the greater good.

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  • Why Dogs Are Better Than Boys

    Why Dogs Are Better Than Boys

    20 months ago

    Don’t get me wrong, I love boys. Well men preferably. But my dachshund, Rex, is a much better companion than any boy I’ve ever met. After a very stressful day, Rex is always by the door waiting for me to arrive....

  • Why It's Okay to Say No

    Why It's Okay to Say No

    20 months ago

    We all have those family members. The ones who love to take and take no matter how much it hurts you. And that's fine. What else is family for? But sometimes you have to say no.

  • Bent Not Broken

    Bent Not Broken

    20 months ago

    Scoliosis is a common disorder in adolescents--mostly girls. It is continuously overlooked and needs to be brought to attention. This post describes the troubles I had with the disorder.