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I have had a varied career. On HP, I post my poetry mainly. But in addition, I am a trained opera singer and maintain a private voice studio.

I sing classical music and am a voice teacher in the San Francisco bay area. As a classical singer, I have always been drawn to certain texts and not to others. And often it is the text that will determine whether I choose to sing a particular piece.

About 2 years ago, I started carrying a notebook with me to write in in between students. I had thought to work on a longer work--a short story or novella. But poetry was what started coming out. When I write, I hear the music of the words and how they fit together. And for this, I have to thank all of the long dead composers whose works continue to speak to me.

And just for fun, I am also a licensed attorney and a licensed psychotherapist specializing in performance anxiety issues.

I am slow to approve and thank those who comment on my work. I apologize. I visit the work of every person who comments--it just takes a while for me to get there--

I have a poetry blog out there--take a look if you are interested! Thanks!


I also have a singer's blog and am working on a website.

I also just started a legal blog! check it out!


Thank you!

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      • Hub Pro edits

        Hub Pro edits

        15 months ago

        Are we all subject hub pro edits now?  I had opted out earlier, and it looks like edits are being made to my poetry hubs now--can anyone shed light on this?

      • What will happen to the creatives here in terms of niches

        What will happen to the creatives here in terms of niches

        21 months ago

        Has anyone heard anything about the future of poetry and fiction in terms of niches? I am a bit concerned that all us poets will get lost in the shuffle somewhere

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        2 years ago

        Has anyone else seen their earnings actually decrease this week?  I swear that the number has actually gone down in the past week. What is up with that? Anyone know?

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        3 years ago

        Hello, Is anyone familiar with Createaspace enough to answer this question for me?  I am putting together my first poetry chap book. I want to sell it through Amazon and on my blog.  A poetry chapbook is a...

      • Deleting old hubs

        Deleting old hubs

        3 years ago

        I am thinking about deleting some of my old pieces of poetry that HP doesn't like very much--and posting them on my blog. Do I still get credit for the views that these hubs generated if I pull them??