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  • Pet Health

    Pet Health

    4 years ago

    With practically all pets, the proper care of the pregnant mother is the most important single item affecting the early health and life of the offspring. This is particularly true of cats and dogs, domesticated animals highly susceptible to internal...

  • Soaring and Gliding

    Soaring and Gliding

    10 years ago

    In soaring cross-country a sailplane pilot looks for thermals, or rising columns of hot air, that form cumulus clouds. He goes from one thermal to the next, alternately trading altitude for horizontal speed and then speed for altitude in his maneuvers.

  • Privacy in a Democratic Society

    Privacy in a Democratic Society

    10 years ago

    Some form of privacy for the individual, the family unit, and the community is needed by all men living together. However, the need is not absolute. It must be balanced with the individual's need to disclose information and with society's need to...

  • Private Schools

    Private Schools

    10 years ago

    By the term "private schools" we usually understand those schools not provided for or maintained by public taxation. Some countries, particularly the Communist states, do not tolerate private schools at all; others, like the United States, tolerate...

  • Trail Hiking

    Trail Hiking

    10 years ago

    Hiking is the sport of traveling on foot in open country, through forests, or over mountains. To enjoy the sport fully, hikers should make adequate preparations in advance. These include the purchase of suitable equipment and the development of...

  • Slide Rule

    Slide Rule

    10 years ago

    A Slide Rule is a mechanical device for making rapid mathematical calculations accurate to several significant figures. In particular, slide rules can be used to multiply and divide, to square a number or find a square root, to find the reciprocal...

  • Poster Art

    Poster Art

    10 years ago

    A poster is a painted or printed sign or placard, most frequently of large dimensions, posted in a public place, a thoroughfare, a shopwindow, or along highways and railways. Its purpose is to sell a product, to announce an event, or to promote an...

  • Pet Training

    Pet Training

    10 years ago

    A pet's happiness as well as its physical welfare is often dependent on its having been taught some basic discipline. It does not break the spirit of a pet to teach it to recognize its master as master, whose commands are to be obeyed. The mere...

  • Rock Music

    Rock Music

    10 years ago

    Rock music is a form of popular music that is characterized by a pronounced, amplified beat. Electric guitars are almost always the main instrumental sound source. The modern rock band's basic elements are one or more vocalists, an electric lead...

  • Marionette


    10 years ago

    A marionette is a puppet with a jointed body operated by strings, wires, or rods held from above. It is usually made in the form of a human being or of an animal. The name "marionette" is derived from a French expression meaning "little Mary" and...


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