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I am a freelance writer, author and book publicist who lives in Charleston, South Carolina. I once had a very successful website but in recent years I limit my online activity to twitter, and I sometimes write a blog or two at http://authorfriendly.wordpress.com. I have several web pages including a site at http://psychologyknowledge.com and http://diabetesmellitus2.org.

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While I am also a psychologist by trade, the articles on this hub reflect for the most part my personal and not my professional beliefs and perspectives. When I do write on psychology topics I am not in any way intending or offering help, or a balanced scholarly analysis, and would expect that your answers would be addressed by your own clinician who would be familiar with your situation more specifically and acting in a professional capacity.

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      • Question regarding Kindle/amazon ads

        Question regarding Kindle/amazon ads

        5 years ago

        I am about to publish an ebook (on Overcoming Anxiety) and would like to make use of my hubpages related to that topic (more to be posted soon). Will having an amazon link to the Kindle ebook count as one of my two...

      • mentioning prescription drugs

        mentioning prescription drugs

        5 years ago

        I am writing a hub about insomnia, and want to mention some of the sleeping pills by name, not in order to promote them (or link to any sites that do) but rather to point out the dangers recently identified in the...

      • HTML H1 option

        HTML H1 option

        5 years ago

        Is there any good reason why the program can't be modified to add at leat one H1 header per article? I know it can be unwieldy, but you could build into the programing a character limitation. H1 may well be weighed...

      • adsense nonsense (mine)

        adsense nonsense (mine)

        6 years ago

        OK I am still a newbie, and while I have been here two months I am only approved for adsense  for that last couple weeks..I think I have the mechanics down and am starting to get a a little money built up in...

      • URL trackers and SEO juice

        URL trackers and SEO juice

        7 years ago

        If I use a HP URL tracker (or for that matter any such tracker, on a backlink for an external site (blog, article, etc) pointing back to the HP,does the spider treat it as if they were both good links to the same page?...

      • v ideo credits?

        v ideo credits?

        7 years ago

        I get how to use the video capsule, but what concerns do we have about copyright when its pulled from you tube. It seems like everyone shares youtube videos in that kind of way, on facebook and everywhere, but do we...

      • Brand names in hubpages (not URL but pages)

        Brand names in hubpages (not URL but pages)

        7 years ago

        Does any body know how hubpages and/or adsense feels about brand names in articles? In ones that are light on the reviews, but long on the sales (ie. 10 things to buy her for Valentine's day), if you are linking on...

      • Photo upload error

        Photo upload error

        7 years ago

        I am having trouble uploading pics for my hubpage. I did fine for all the articles until now, and all of a sudden I am getting an error message. This is true for all 3 of the pics I tried to upload, all of which were...

      • adsense application delay

        adsense application delay

        7 years ago

        Can anyone tell me how long I have to wait for an adsense response, when you first apply? I applied about 5 days ago and live in the USA.

      • referring someone

        referring someone

        7 years ago

        I would like to refer another writer to hubpages and collect that 10% referral fee, that I understand lasts for the lifetime of the account. That seems to be a different process than the temporary % that you get when...