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For the past few years, I have been on an incredible journey. It all began with my awakening to the larger picture, becoming aware of the intricacies of how society truly works, how humanity is evolving, and has now developed into a realization of the amazing unity or oneness that entwines every being. We are living in an amazingly beautiful time for all life. It is by design that each human being is beginning to discover unity all around them. Because we are all ultimately atoms of one larger living being who is going through her own ascension process, we as individuals are now going through our own spiritual awareness paths and beig pushed to our destinies. The key to this beautiful concept unfolding in your life, is to simply allow it to happen. Have an open-mind, listen to your intuition, and above all else love all life unconditionally because all life IS you.

The purpose of this blog is to share stories and knowledge. From these stories, you are invited to percieve and take from them what you wish. My hope is to serve as one of the many catalyst channels to help you on your own spiritual journey.

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  • Societal Suppression of the Spirit Soul

    Societal Suppression of the Spirit Soul

    3 years ago

    In our current society, we hear and see a common theme being pushed through many interfaces: the news, media, hollywood, and propaganda. What I am referring to is the good vs. evil concept. There are very important yet...

  • The History of Weather Modification

    The History of Weather Modification

    3 years ago

    Most people are probably unaware of how long weather modification has been taking place. Not only did the ideas exist, but research and development began in the early 1900s.

  • HAARP, What You Need To Know!

    HAARP, What You Need To Know!

    3 years ago

    HAARP is not what we've been told. Corporate, government, and military interests have put on a front to keep you from knowing the real agenda. Distract, confuse, and misinform is the name of the game!