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Baker's Gas and Welding was founded in 1936 by Harold and Dorothy Baker. Baker's provides gas & welding supplies online at www.bakersgas.com and at store locations in parts of Michigan and Ohio. Baker's goal is to offer its customers quality welding equipment and supplies at competitive prices, and to provide great customer service before and after the sale. Baker's offers a large selection of welding equipment, cutting equipment and supplies from top brands like Miller Electric, Lincoln, ESAB, Hypertherm, Victor, Smith Equipment, Jackson Safety Products and John Tillman

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  • Different Types of Welding Defects

    Different Types of Welding Defects

    6 years ago

    As much as we want our finished welds to be perfect, sometimes that is not the case. Welding defects occur even on welds that are created by the most experienced and skillful welders around. A welding defect is any flaw...