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I am a homeschooling mom, teacher, grandmother and education consultant. I have been interested in outdoor education since I was born -- can't wait to share my love of nature with you! I have been an educator in private and public schools, from preschool through adult education (including vocational agriculture and special education) for 30 years. I currently homeschool my youngest son, and work as a freelance education consultant throughout the United States, but primarily in Connecticut. I love teaching everything, but my favorite subject of all time is science. I have taught high school vo ag, trained farm worker and Home Depot employees, and guided little children on nature walks. I love to use the outdoors to learn about everything. In my free (!) time, I garden, read, write and spend time with my four children and five grandchildren. Oh, and my husband. And five cats. And our dog. It's a busy life.

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  • The Five Best Shipwrecks on Film

    The Five Best Shipwrecks on Film

    6 months ago

    Who doesn't love a good disaster? And there's something about the combination of stormy seas, boats and tropical islands that spells box office success. Once you get over the drama of the sinking vessel, the locale...