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Hello. My name is Jennie Hennesay DBA The Bead Doodler. I'm interested in any kind of alternative healing and natural living. Hand crafting has been a part of my life as long as I can remember, so it's not surprising that beads captured my attention. I'm always looking for new things to do. Not too long after I taught myself to bead, I decided I needed to make patterns, just in case I wanted to repeat an item (like that's gonna happen!). And I decided to put the patterns up for sale. I continue to make beaded jewelry and if I think the item warrants it I make a pattern. You can find my patterns at The Beadcoop, Bead Patterns Boutique and Craftsy. Enjoy browsing my lenses. If you'd like to contact me you can e mail me at thebeaddoodler@live.com

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      • Links in our hubs

        Links in our hubs

        23 months ago

        I know the rules are here somewhere, but since everything's been rearranged I can't find anything.  Am I allowed to put links to my blog in my articles?  Am I allowed to put links to other sites in my...

      • Groups


        2 years ago

        I've been on HubPages since last September (I'm a Squidoo transplant) and have wondered off and on about how to group hubs.  I've searched in the learning center numerous times, but haven't found what I was looking...

      • Views Rising

        Views Rising

        2 years ago

        I've been a member of Hubpages since September when Squidoo merged with HP.  I have 13 featured hubs, but my traffic has been very low.  I've noticed in the last 2 days that traffic has picked up considerably...

      • Why won't my Amazon Capsule work?

        Why won't my Amazon Capsule work?

        3 years ago

        The hubs that transferred over from Squidoo finally have working Amazon capsules, but when I try to put one into a new hub it just stays blank.  When I click on edit all the information is gone.