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Life has given me seven children, eleven grandchildren and one great grandchild. My motto is -- "It only takes imagination, yours or mine." I started writing here over seven years ago but a lot of my work was copied from my successful former website, which I authored for ten years. I am constantly reviewing and revising so that these hubs are the best they can be with some additional hubs when I am blessed with a new inspiration.

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      • I'd like feedback on my Hub: Bear N Mom - Bird Feeder Notes 2015

        I'd like feedback on my Hub: Bear N Mom - Bird Feeder Notes 2015

        2 years ago

        Hi Hubbers,I'd like some help with passing the Quality Assessment Process. Will you please give feedback on my Hub Bear N Mom - Bird Feeder Notes 2015. What can I do to improve? Thanks!

      • Having problems adding any content to my hubs

        Having problems adding any content to my hubs

        6 years ago

        On Friday 9/2 there was a glich in my posting and an unwanted character appeared in a text block.  I tried to edit it out but it no longer lets me save anything.  I can add the blocks but when I edit them they...

      • Who is Christ

        Who is Christ

        7 years ago

        When Christ referred to himself he said simply, "I am."  He who believes in me believes in the Father.  Therefore, the Father is Christ and Christ is the Father.  Today, ask yourself if you are...

      • power steering on newer Chevrolets

        power steering on newer Chevrolets

        7 years ago

        I recently controlled a slide down a hill on ice.  Later same week my automatic signalling came on with the words "power steering" so I went to the mechanic.  After a gas pumper for the station tore...

      • Bake Shops

        Bake Shops

        8 years ago

        Has anyone noted that all the good bake shops have closed?  Most of them were family owned and had some really great recipes and the prices were normally in the mid range.The only bake shops seem to be in the...

      • What did I do wrong?

        What did I do wrong?

        8 years ago

        I've been posting hubs for 2 months, mostly recipes from my Italian mother-in-law and some that friends have said I could use.  I recently started doing some review work on the restaurants in our area but nothing...