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I am an accountant by profession. Some would say that’s boring. I wouldn’t argue or agree. I love travelling, writing, watching movies and reading novels. I used to keep online diaries through blogsites but I’ve lost track of the many sites I created. Through HubPages, I can easily publish articles/hubs and keep track of them.

I write mostly about my travels, personal experiences, social issues, stuff about my beloved country and general matters. I used to want to be a professional writer but since I took another career path, blogging/hubbing is the closest I can get to that frustrated dream :)

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  • The Pink Table Story

    The Pink Table Story

    4 years ago

    I don’t know where the story originated and when I checked online, I couldn’t find a version in English and any detail as to how the story came to be. Here’s my version of the Pink Table story.

  • The Advantages of Bedside Table

    The Advantages of Bedside Table

    4 years ago

    With the many activities done in the bedroom and in the bed in particular, it is very important to not only have a comfortable bed but to have a bedside table as well. Whether small or large, this table has many uses.