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I love art, travel, sport and fitness, music, good food and wine. Above all to enjoy it all with my family. I work for myself with the goal of independence and fun. Much of this time has been spent studying markets or in professional sport. I have written many articles on trading, psychology, health and fitness.

Check out my Work at Home Dad Blog for ideas and thoughts.

I recommend HubPages for writers and readers alike. I would like to thank all those that voted for my article Superman Supplies Million Dollar Comic Book Auction to win the HubNuggets contest.

I have been using redgage and shetoldme for my back links. I recommend them for building traffic. The shetoldme link is a referral system if you join under that link to assist in team building. Let me know if you need assistance.

Check out Traders Community. I have started writing more technology, marketing,investment, trading type articles for the front page there. It is a great source for insight on Economics, Markets and Geo-politics with RSS feeds too. Has a forum, jokes, games and music. I am also using the site for back links. Join up and comment - would be great to see you there.

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      • Published new hub but not showing

        Published new hub but not showing

        7 years ago

        I published a new hub last night that shows that is published by the link http://hubpages.com/hub/Investor-Apps-for-iPad however it doesn't show up in my profile in my google search or in my 60DC feeds. I have never...

      • HubNuggets Feature Voting

        HubNuggets Feature Voting

        7 years ago

        Hi hubbers,I am new here and all excited - think I have to take the 30 day challenge now! I am not sure if this HubPages ettiquette or not. My hub 'Superman Supplies Million Dollar Comic Book Auction' has been selected...