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I am here to share my expirences, and and my take on the world around me. I love the outdoors, so on my days off I am usually outside, i also am keen on my music and movies, books, and mostly everything in between. This is my first time being on any sort of Hub, so alongside from learning the basics of this place, I hope to leave an impact here. Ha Ha Ha, I don't think that will happen, this is the internet.


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  • Vinyl Of The Week

    Vinyl Of The Week

    19 months ago

    Welcome to Vinyl Of The Week, where I find myself musing over amazing records on my new Record Player... really, it is worth the investment!

  • Unexplained Mysteries

    Unexplained Mysteries

    19 months ago

    Why is this world full of unexplained mysteries and disappearances? They leave us guessing, with a sense that not everything in this universe has a reason for happening...