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blessedmommy profile image

Carisa Gourley (blessedmommy)

Joined 10 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma




Also follow me on:

In introduction, my proper name is Carisa Gourley. I am a Christian and I love Jesus very much! He has made my life worth living.

I play the piano at church and for the sheer enjoyment of it. I compose music and sing. I love to cook, read, and spend time with my family. I enjoy writing immensely!

I am a blessed wife; my dear husband is a wonderful man and I love him very much! He has made me the proud mother of 4 beautiful children (3 boys & 1 daughter)! These precious children are the joy of my life and my full-time job. I do everything from changing diapers or kissing boo boos to teaching my kids in our homeschool!

I also have angels in Heaven that I've lost to miscarriage. I believe with all my heart that I will be reunited with them some day. Read my story by visitng my hub dedicated to my experience.

I also like to use alternative medicine when possible. I take herbs and enjoy reading about, learning about and trying natural approaches to health and well-being.

HubPages is a great place! It's a useful outlet to share information or to vent your feelings. You can also earn a passive income like I do! I get paid every month! Join us!

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    • Program Payments

      Program Payments

      6 years ago

      (I'm sorry if there is another post somewhere on this but I couldn't find one). Have payments been delayed today?  I still haven't received payment today and was just wondering.

    • Thank you, HubPages!

      Thank you, HubPages!

      6 years ago

      Just wanted to let the staff at HubPages know that I really appreciate the efforts that you have put forth recently.  Since you made the subdomain possible, my traffic has increased and my earnings have shot up to about a 100% increase from what they were running as of late.  I apologize...

    • I'm feeling very discouraged with HP

      I'm feeling very discouraged with HP

      7 years ago

      I'm so confused and upset with my earnings here on HP.  I was going along fine, making around $200 monthly in adsense with only a slight decrease after Panda.  I only had around 64 hubs at the time, so I didn't think that was too bad.Then, I enabled HP ads and my adsense almost...

    • Articular Disc Disorder

      Articular Disc Disorder

      9 years ago

      Has anyone had this?  I haven't been able to open my mouth all the way for about 3-4 years.  At the present, I can only open it about 1/4 inch wide. (No joke)!  I finally broke down and saw a dentist who in turn sent me to a mouth and jaw surgeon.  He says that my articular...

    • Please pray for my grandma

      Please pray for my grandma

      9 years ago

      Please keep my grandma in your prayers.  We found out last night that the Dr suspected that she had colon cancer. I cried almost nonstop.  I love her very much and she is the last grandparent that I have.  Now, my mom just called and it has been confirmed.  They are waiting to...

    • How did my affiliate setting get changed?

      How did my affiliate setting get changed?

      10 years ago

      I have never made ANYTHING off of eBay or Amazon but I do fairly well with Adsense.  I wondered why I was never showing earnings and not even any clicks on my other affiliates.  I decided to check my affiliate settings and both eBay and Amazon had the wrong code numbers.  I'm not...

    • Someone is Impersonating HubPages

      Someone is Impersonating HubPages

      10 years ago

      I have received at least two separate e-mails that were supposed to be from HubPages that I know were not.  These e-mails look exactly like the ones that HubPages send out that tell your stats and features a Hubber.  The reason I know that they are not from HubPages is because my stats...

    • Copying and Pasting from blogs

      Copying and Pasting from blogs

      10 years ago

      Hi.  I used to blog a little before I started HubPages.  My blogs were more like articles and this is one reason why I was glad to find Hubpages. I have deleted all my blogs except for two, and I have copied and pasted a few of my articles and made hubs out of them.  I was wondering,...

    • Automatically marked spam

      Automatically marked spam

      10 years ago

      I had someone leave some nice comments on a couple of my hubs and they were automatically shown as spam and automatically denied without my doing it.   I went ahead and approved one of the comments, and the next time I checked it was automatically marked spam again and denied.  I...

    • Close This Thread Option

      Close This Thread Option

      10 years ago

      I would like to see a close this thread option given to the person who opens a new thread.  This way, if the posts get off of the topic that was originally intended or things get out of hand, the original poster can close the thread, if they wish, and block future comments from being...

    • Responding to comments left on your hub.

      Responding to comments left on your hub.

      10 years ago

      Hi.  I was wondering if I post a comment on my own hub as a response to another comment made by someone else will this negatively affect my Hub score?