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Besides I'm a blogger blogging about my money making experience. (not so successful so far:)


Also I'm publishing a blog-magazine about technology toys&gadgets. It's new but I guess it looks good. If you are interested you are welcome to stop by and leave a comment or buy yourself a fun gadget.


Just check out one of my product reviews:


You can follow me on Twitter:


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      • 2010 Earnings

        2010 Earnings

        6 years ago

        Hi,I decided to check my total earnings for 2010 and found out in joy that I have made over 3.000$ ))) , please share your 2010 earnings.I have made a blog post about my earnings report so you can check for more if you...

      • Social Networking with Fellow Hubbers

        Social Networking with Fellow Hubbers

        7 years ago

        Hello Everyone,I was wondering if there are any Hubbers using Twitter. I'm not following up the Hubpages Forum occasionally and it's easier to use Twitter to follow people. I'd be interested to follow up any fellow...

      • Is 1 AdSense Account allowed for 2 Users?

        Is 1 AdSense Account allowed for 2 Users?

        8 years ago

        Hello everyone,I wish everyone a great new year.-My girl friend is also interested in writing Hubs and she wants to get started. I want her to have a new Hubpages account but we will be using the same AdSense account....

      • Referral Links- Are they good for Link Building???

        Referral Links- Are they good for Link Building???

        9 years ago

        Hello, I want to build links for some of my hubs and I usually do this by putting the referral code in my linkhttp://www.hubpages.com/_directin/....Do those link will count as a link to my Hub by search engines or will...

      • Stumble Friends

        Stumble Friends

        9 years ago

        I guess there are lot of active StumbleUpon users here on Hubpages.I would like to have more Stumble friends so if any of you would like to add hubbers as friends here is my stumble...

      • CTR Increase???

        CTR Increase???

        9 years ago

        For the last week I see that the CTR's are going up. Anyone having the same experience or is it just my lucky week??

      • Promoting Hubs

        Promoting Hubs

        9 years ago

        Hello All,Considering the bans from the social networks should we prevent promoting Hubs in the forums and asking for votes??I know that Hubbers don't do it as spamming usually but the social networks don't understand...

      • Question About Amazon Report

        Question About Amazon Report

        9 years ago

        Hi,I still have doubts about Amazon system. Yesterday I've got huge traffic on a page with Related Amazon ads but I didn't have any clicks. When I look at my Amazon reports I see:Banner Links :     25970...

      • Thinking of a Design Change??

        Thinking of a Design Change??

        9 years ago

        I like the layout of the Hubs but I wonder if a design change would be good. Maybe some little changes would make the Hubs look better in a Web2.0 fashion and raise the CTR.

      • Little Help Wanted

        Little Help Wanted

        9 years ago

        I hate asking for helps for my little stupid problems and I'd try to solve them first but this time I can't do anything.I've published a new hub about Batman Dark Knight and I wanted to put a video capsule showing a...

      • Adsense Sİdebar Ads

        Adsense Sİdebar Ads

        10 years ago

        There has been an increase in my traffic but click rates are falling dramatically. I've been seeing some google ads on sidebar but they seem to disappear. I guess sidebar ads were doing good although we can't track the...

      • Yahoo Ads??

        Yahoo Ads??

        10 years ago

        I am seeing Yahoo ads on most of my hubs now. I hope it's only a test drive because Google ads have perfect ads related for the hubs and I don't want to go for Yahoo and decrease my already low earnings

      • Ad Positions

        Ad Positions

        10 years ago

        I see total irrelavant ebay ads between two text columns from time to time but I can't get any adsense ads to be displayed there.I guess it would be perfect if we could place the adsense ads where we want, in the middle...

      • Do you know that you can share you hub titles in your own blog?

        Do you know that you can share you hub titles in your own blog?

        10 years ago

        http://hubpages.com/hub/How-to-Share-Yo … -Your-BlogI was looking for a way to do so and I did so I wanted to share it with you fellow hubbers

      • Sharing Hubs with my Blog

        Sharing Hubs with my Blog

        10 years ago

        Hi,I just published a hub telling how to share your hub posts in your blog.http://hubpages.com/hub/How-to-Share-Yo … -Your-BlogUsing this method, are the people clicking our hubs are automatically become our...

      • Deleted Hubs

        Deleted Hubs

        10 years ago

        I got some deleted hubs saying that they will be removed permenantly in two days but there has been many days they aren't removed. anyone has the same problems??

      • Amazon Affiliate Question

        Amazon Affiliate Question

        10 years ago

        First of all Hello to all hubbers,I'm new in community maybe you've seen some of my articles.I have a question about Amazon affiliates. I've never used amazon before so I got sth to ask.I am using the amazon widget...