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Sandy Davison (Blue22d) here. I have been a Squidoo lover for over four years. My loves are granddaughters, nature, animals, antiques, collectibles, marbles, genealogy and lensmasters. I love the USA and our Constitution and very interested in hearing how we can preserve it! Feel free to visit my web site or contact me @ bcarl37d@yahoo.com. Thanks! Want to exchange back links? Visit my site!

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  • Johnny Horton

    Johnny Horton

    4 weeks ago

    If you love a good ballad , folk music and ever rock, you have to love Johnny Horton. It is sad that such a voice is no long with us. Thanks Johnny for what you gave us.

  • Joy of Labor

    Joy of Labor

    5 months ago

    The joy of labor whether it is working a job, creating something such as giving birth, many of us love what we do and is a labor of love. Come see.....

  • Saul Alinsky Radical Dude

    Saul Alinsky Radical Dude

    4 weeks ago

    Not all organizers or their ideals are bad; however, radical ideas usually are just that - very radical and not very good for the majority.

  • Aspen the

    Aspen the "Tabby" Foster Cat

    5 months ago

    We believe she is possibly a Tabby. She is Aspen. She is very pretty, white as snow, a long haired beauty! Aspen was our foster baby who stayed with us for over one year; I share her/our story.