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Bonnie is 46 years old and resides in New Albany, MS with her husband, Daniel. They have been married 13 years, have 2 grown daughters and 3 grandchildren. She enjoys fishing, karaoke parties and spending time with family.

She is a writer of poetry, short stories, articles and a monthly newsletter called Business Scents. She was selected to be listed in the 2007 Biltmore's Who's Who Among Executive and Professionals. She is a recruiter, trainer and coach in her own home gourmet candle business and organized the first regional training meeting for the southern U.S. region in 2007.

Bonnie's company offers an alternative vegetable blend candle that is made from vegetable waxes and other biodegradable ingredients for a healthier burning candle. If you are looking for some excellent environmentally friendly products, feel free to have a look around at http://www.businessscents.info .Her company also offers an excellent, fun business opportunity that has extensive coaching and company support. You can read more about the business opportunity at http://www.bonnieramsey.com

Bonnie has created a directory of business and motivational hubs that contain many articles to help you understand home businesses, how they work and how to look for them as well as some motivational articles that can be helpful to you when starting your own business. You can find that directory here:


You may subscribe to her newsletter at by sending your requst to businessscentsmonthly@yahoo.com from the email you would like the newsletter delivered to.

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      • Having a rough weekend

        Having a rough weekend

        9 years ago

        Hi, all you hubbers! I am just lost today and having a rough weekend. Yesterday, I accidentally murdered my cell phone, which is my lifeline to my business as well as family far away. I am so distressed and it looks...

      • Too hilarious not to share!

        Too hilarious not to share!

        9 years ago

        First, I have to say that I am not here to promote my business on the forum. I just have a hilarious story to tell you which stemmed from the business. Here goes.My youngest daughter and her husband live with us and...

      • Question about traffic ratio

        Question about traffic ratio

        9 years ago

        I am curious to know if my traffic ratio is good or if it should be better as far as traffic from outside sources. When I checked this morning, I had a total of 16,110 page views. Of these views, about 68% is from...

      • I am so flattered I just had to boast!

        I am so flattered I just had to boast!

        9 years ago

        Hi, hubber famiy!I was surprised and thrilled to learn that Steven Heape had visited one of my Cherokee hubs and left a comment! Steven is the producer for Rich - Heape Films, Inc., which is a Native American owned...

      • Will be away for a while

        Will be away for a while

        9 years ago

        Hi, fellow Hubbers!I will be away for a couple of weeks as I am preparing for a trip to Pennsylvania this weekend on business. I will be there for a week and I am sure that when I return I'll have much to catch up on!...

      • 13 years and counting!

        13 years and counting!

        9 years ago

        I was so busy trying to get my hub finished today that I hadn't even realized that today is the 7th until I called Danny out on the road and he told me happy anniversary! Isn't it supposed to be the man that misses...

      • I am at 5/10 away!

        I am at 5/10 away!

        9 years ago

        I am 5 fans away from 200 and 10 hubs away from my 100th. I would call this nail biting time!Bonnie

      • Question about traffic resources

        Question about traffic resources

        9 years ago

        If I am getting traffic from dogpile but I have never listed anything with them, could I safely assume that this traffic is from some sort of backlink from someone else? I'm not real savvy in this traffic resource stuff...

      • I think I may have hit a milestone

        I think I may have hit a milestone

        9 years ago

        I was looking at my traffic and traffic sources and I noticed that I now have over 7300 total views but only 3100 of them from HP. So, I have finally began to get more outside traffic than the HP traffic! Hopefully, it...

      • Just a funny quote

        Just a funny quote

        9 years ago

        Hi, all! I am subscribed to several business newsletters and sometimes they have funny quotes in them. This is from a newsletter from "Big Al" Schreiter and I thought it was funny considering the gas prices...

      • This hub attacks Misha!

        This hub attacks Misha!

        9 years ago

        I couldn't believe this when I saw it! I have flagged it and hope the rest of the hubbers will as well!http://hubpages.com/hub/Haiku-Poem-Misha

      • Link capsules not showing up

        Link capsules not showing up

        9 years ago

        I have made a hub with some link boxes in it and when I click "done editing" and then preview it, the link capsules don't show. I even tried marking it as commercial (which it isn't) ewwwww! Those ads are...

      • Can I do this without ads?

        Can I do this without ads?

        9 years ago

        I was just wondering if I am writing a hub on a certain topic and need to give a website address for informational purposes (as opposed to making any money from it) if there is a way to do it without it being...

      • Fight against BSL (Breed Specific Law)

        Fight against BSL (Breed Specific Law)

        8 years ago

        I found a great site that I joined that is fighting against BSL and I thought I would share it with anyone who is interested. This post is not for the debate of those who hate specific breeds so please refrain from the...

      • Will be away from Hub Pages for a while

        Will be away from Hub Pages for a while

        9 years ago

        Hi all my HP family!I will be away from HP for the next couple of days. I turned 46 this morning and I am going away to grieve LOL. Just kidding! Another friend here in town had her birthday Monday so she and I are...

      • Anyone else having a problem with the back button?

        Anyone else having a problem with the back button?

        9 years ago

        I couldn't get the back button to work so I closed the browser and opened a new one. Then I did all the cookie and temp file clearing and what not. Then I came back and it is still not working. I know it isn't the...

      • I don't usually ask here....

        I don't usually ask here....

        9 years ago

        Normally, I don't start a thread promoting a hub I have written or even post a link to my hub unless it is in direct relation to the topic. However, I just finished a hub that has probably been the hardest (and now the...

      • I am so proud!

        I am so proud!

        9 years ago

        All my hubber family!I am so proud to tell you that my youngest daughter, Jenny Weaver has just joined our HP family! She is very new to the article posting but I have seen some of her blog posts and things of that...

      • Revision to TOS

        Revision to TOS

        9 years ago

        I was wondering if there is any chance at all of getting a resion to the TOS stating that you aren't allowed to post the entire blooming phone book? This woman has 483 hubs of useless info that is nothing but phone book...

      • Anyone know who this is?

        Anyone know who this is?

        9 years ago

        I am curious to know if this person is on HP staff. He joined 32 hours ago, has 20 hubs and in this instructional hub that he published, seems to indicate that HP is planning to add more ad ervenue sites to HP. Does he...

      • Hub won't publish

        Hub won't publish

        9 years ago

        I just published a hub about 15 minutes ago but it isn't showing up in the hubtivity as published. My pawprint hub published but not the last one about proposals. Anyone ever had this to happen?Bonnie

      • Can anyone make sense of this?

        Can anyone make sense of this?

        9 years ago

        I know I haven't had much coffee yet so my brain may still be fuzzed out. But for the life of me I can't make sense of this hub. Looks like maybe a poem or song but not sure. Anybody make sense of...

      • I don't think this is allowed. Can anyone else help me out?

        I don't think this is allowed. Can anyone else help me out?

        9 years ago

        I came across this hub and almost fell out from shock! Is stuff like this really allowed on HP or should it be flagged a hundred time to get it off quicker?http://hubpages.com/hub/SHIT---3-Main-Categories

      • Quick question about short stories

        Quick question about short stories

        9 years ago

        I have a short story that I wanted to share and I was just wondering if there is a limit on the length of a hub? I would hate to have to split it into two or more hubs due to the fact that some people may end up getting...