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BrandiNoelle profile image


Joined 6 years ago from Washington State




My husband calls me fiesty and stubborn...I prefer to think of myself as passionate. :) I love passionately, I fight passionately, I play passionately. I dance like no one is watching, even when they are.

I am passionate about God...without Him, I am nothing. He has blessed my life in so many ways I could never begin to count them.

I am passionate about my husband...he is my best friend and my rock. And I will admit, he totally adores me. I am one lucky girl! We live a very happy little life with our 2 cats who we refer to as "the babies," but they are more formally known as Jasper & Ginger.

I am passionate about my family & friends...I have one of those ridiculously close-knit families that you only see on TV sitcoms, but I love it! Having positive, loving, & supportive people in my life has been priceless. All toxic people need not apply.

I am passionate about books, books, and more books! Historical fiction is my favorite genre, but I do branch out on occasion. My books are my prized possessions and although I have read many of them several times, they all look brand new. My sister says I need to join a support group...hi, my name is Brandi, and I'm a Bookaholic.

I am passionate about writing! I have written poetry, short stories, the first half of a novel (second half still in progress), newspaper articles, essays, research papers...the list goes on and on. I won my first writing contest when I was 7 and I was that kid who wrote my own book reports during summer vacation just because I thought it was fun.

I am passionate about history, with an emphasis on American history. It is truly phenomenal the level of accomplishments we have made in just the short time we have been a nation. Freedom has a way of making the impossible POSSIBLE and Americans have single-handedly changed the world. The journey that brought us where we are today is one of the most amazing stories out there.

I am passionate about politics...I am well-informed and make it a point to stay that way. The issues of this nation will play a role in my future and by being an educated voter, I can have a say in the decisions that will shape my life.

I am passionate about football! Be it college or pro, I will literally plan my entire weekend around which games I want to watch. I think SuperBowl Sunday should be a national holiday...let's start a petition!

I am passionate about wine! I think I have officially become a wine snob, in fact...I swirl, I sniff, I check color, I let it roll around on my tongue. Even I don't blame people if they roll their eyes at me.

I imagine these are all things I will touch on in future hubs...hope you will join me for the ride!

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