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I was a Career Campus Public Safety Officer and instructor. I have bachelors degrees in Physics, Criminal Justice and Psychology. I was raised in the US and in Italy. I enjoy writing: fiction, poetry and essays on spiritual topics. Spirituality is an enourmous part of my life and I enjoy sharing this aspect of my life. I am Pagan and devoted to Odhin.

I am a gay transman: a female to male transgender. I am gay and I am out and proud: i volunteer openly for local LGBTQ causes. I teach tollerance and respect regarding diversity. I am active in the local BDSM/ Leather community and believe that a healthy sexual life is essential to a healthy physical and emotional life. Tollerance for diversity in this aspect of life is also of high importance to me.

From the above it would be easy to conclude that my gender identity and sexual orientation automatically place me in the bleeding heart liberal far left. I am not.

I do believe in helping those who honestly need help. I do believe that everyone must be accorded the same rights and opportunities in life. I believe our government's purpose is to ensure these rights. But I also believe in hard work and responsibility. I believe in the right to bear arms and in the need to slimline government. I guess you could say I'm middle of the road. I reserve the right, at all times , to make up my own mind on any issue and make my own decisions. Most of all I believe in fairness: the golden rule, in common sense and in the constitution.

All in all I am an open book. There is much more to me than meets the eye, as is so often said, In my case it is extreemly true and, might I say, interesting at times.

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