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Hello world. This is my bio. I am now retired and my main interests are:- Antiques, Photography and Travel. I have written some books on Old Binoculars (Self Published) so it would seem I do have some interest in them. These are my books for your interest. Collecting Old Binoculars. Collecting Old German Binoculars. Collecting Old Ross Binoculars. Collecting Old French Binoculars & Opera Glasses. Collecting Old North American Binoculars. (You can find them on Ebay most of the time) If you cannot find them on Ebay, then they can be found on my publishers site, which is Lulu.com. If you go to this web address it will take you right there:- http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/briseham

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  • Old binoculars and collecting

    Old binoculars and collecting

    5 years ago

    For anyone interested in collecting old binoculars then follow me and lets see what we can discover. Binoculars have been around and in general useand good quantity since the 1800s. They are the bygone instruments...