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I don't like talking about myself because I have no idea what people want to know about me. I was once in an interview and was asked to tell them about me. I had of course written him a letter before hand and thought it was enough. Apparently it wasn't. The only thing I had to say that I was quiet. I still am. I also love to read and write. Nothing helps sooth my soul like singing in a car while listening to the radio. I enjoy the smell of fesh cut grass and the taste homegrown veggies. Maybe not the taste, I just like knowing I had helped something to grow.

I graduate with a English degree in literature from UVU. I read so much that I think I gave myself a hang over. I've lived practically from coast to coast and unfortunately, I haven't seen the pacific or the atlantic. Well, the last part is not true. I saw it on an airplane. I've lived in Germany and Switerland for a while. Why? I was working. Needless to say, I know German.

That's all for myself at the moment. Perhaps, I'll update. Perhaps, not. We'll just see.

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    10 Must Do's in Stuttgart, Germany

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