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Wrote these "articles" several months ago. Re-read these articles about a year later. Reactions ranged from humiliation induced face-palms to, "Holy sh*t, I wrote that? That's pretty good!"

Quotation marks surround the word articles because, let's be honest here, the amount of oomph and credibility the articles contain, on almost all levels throughout the site, rival the timeless wisdom one may overhear from another passenger on the bus. Who, on a daily basis since 1968, takes at least 3 hits of LSD per day.

That's the kind of dog & pony show we're running here, folks.

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      • 30 Days of Hubber

        30 Days of Hubber

        6 years ago

        Joined 1/21. Did the 30 days thing, not sure how to document it, and put the 30th one up today!  One thing though is when I felt like I pushed material for the sake of pushing material, the quality declined. Thus,...

      • I Resign to You...

        I Resign to You...

        6 years ago

        After an emo text wall marking my first forum post, the veterans chimed in and showed me who the student was and who the masters are.Grasshopper is here to learn.  Show me the ways if for some reason the stars...

      • I call BS on this moderation

        I call BS on this moderation

        6 years ago

        Here's the hub in question, a humor piece on Valentine's day in the answer section:  <snipped link>A moderator looking through the hubs personally stopped by mine, and without rhyme or reason, disabled...