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Homeschooler, professional content producer, and work at home mom. My interests are Christianity, current events, education, scrapbooking, and more.

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  • Avoid Automobile Repossession:  Don't Fear the Repo

    Avoid Automobile Repossession: Don't Fear the Repo

    6 years ago

    It's late at night. I'm sitting at my computer, and I hear a large truck rumbling down the road. The hairs on the back of my head stand on end; will my car be repossessed? Will my worst fears be realized? Then I...

  • Miracles at Capernaum

    Miracles at Capernaum

    6 years ago

    Jesus spent a lot of his earthly ministry in one village: Capernaum. The Old Testament prophesied that he would spend much of his time there. He performed a lot of miracles in that area. Although the people saw great...

  • How to Avoid a Terrorist Attack

    How to Avoid a Terrorist Attack

    2 months ago

    We live in an uncertain world. While the United States has not been hit by a terrorist attack for quite a while, the threat still exists. Most of the time when a terrorist has tried to attack, we have been saved by...

  • The Amazing Story of Frank Jenner

    The Amazing Story of Frank Jenner

    6 years ago

    I first heard the story of Frank Jenner a couple of years ago. All I remember initially was that there was a "little white haired man" down by the King's Cross area in Sydney, that told many people about Jesus, and...

  • Miscarriage


    6 years ago

    Miscarrying a baby is a painful experience. It is also one that you will never forget. I miscarried a baby several years ago, if my baby had lived, she would be almost eight years old today. Although the grief subsides...