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Hi there. :)

My name is Valerie. Finished school 2 years ago with a degree in marketing but can't get enough of pets. I'm just an animal lover at heart. I grew up with pets and have had experience in breeding rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, pigeons, you name it! :)

I love playing board games as well.. especially anything made by RIO GRANDE. They're really super fun!

I've played games such as settlers, dominion, tigris & euphrates, carcassonne, puerto rico, power grid, ticket to ride, bohnanza, and many more. Nowadays, I just play MTGO tournaments to pass time.

Can't wait for the next set Scars of MIrrodin to come out. I'm very excited. :)

For the mean time, I'm also a hedgehog breeder situated in the Greater Toronto Area. I started this hobby since there's only 1 or 2 hedgehog breeders like myself in Ontario. I also notice how many people are actually interested in hedgehogs within the GTA. Since I love pets and enjoy taking care of them. Maybe someday, I can open my own pet store since this is my life long dream.

If you are interested with these adorable exotics, feel free to visit me at www.hedgehogville.com

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    Differentiating Male and Female Hedgehogs

    4 years ago

    When picking your first hedgehog, you must first distinguish if its a male or a female. A male hedgehog cannot be together on the same cage with another male or else they would fight and risk injury in either one of...