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Back in the saddle. I wandered away from Hubpages for awhile, but it is still a great platform. For the past 5 years or so, I have been working in Internet Marketing handling SEO, social media marketing, technical writing and more. My writing experiences include everything from staff reporter for a local newspaper to copyeditor and writer for marketing companies, writing training manuals, sales materials, ghostwriting and more. Now, I want to share some of what I have learned over the years with my Hubpages audience.

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      • More direct feedback

        More direct feedback

        3 years ago

        I understand the issue with keeping algorithms proprietary and all, but it'd be nice to know more about why scores climb and fall, how people are chosen as "best," and so on. We have a lot of talented people...

      • Falling Hubber & Hub Scores

        Falling Hubber & Hub Scores

        5 years ago

        I posted a number of hubs the other day, which all started out at a relatively low score as they usually do--somewhere in the 40s and 50s. I saw my score drop a point or two, which I would normally see. Since then, the...

      • Increase in Traffic = Delayed Traffic & Decrease in Earnings

        Increase in Traffic = Delayed Traffic & Decrease in Earnings

        5 years ago

        So, without getting into all of the long, boring details (I did that elsewhere), I have a question. This is the first time I have seen this happen. I understand that sometimes earnings get delayed. I've seen them come...

      • Duplicate Content in Error

        Duplicate Content in Error

        5 years ago

        I am working on going through and posting some papers that I've had sitting on my machine for awhile. Some time ago, I had uploaded them to Scribd as part of mission to work on things remotely. I had totally forgotten...

      • HP is hiring?!? lol

        HP is hiring?!? lol

        9 years ago

        This one was funny.  Came thru odesk from a poster I didn't even apply for.It'll be down soon, but here is some fun reading.....ID:       708321Job Opening ID:     705458Title:  ...

      • Something Wroing With Google?

        Something Wroing With Google?

        9 years ago

        Or is it me?Here is what I am seeing.  Other than my profile on HubPages, there is NO indexing for my hubs in google.com.  I have searched by all keywords.  I have done this by hand and by program. ...

      • Blog/.Hub Coaching

        Blog/.Hub Coaching

        9 years ago

        As I said in a previous hub, http://hubpages.com/hub/beginningblogger, I have been both surprised and grateful for the help I have been finding online in regards to writing, blogging, etc.  I was curious, though,...

      • Beginning Blogger Link Question

        Beginning Blogger Link Question

        9 years ago

        I have relatively simple question.I was preparing a new blog and wanted to add some links into the main article.  I tried using simple HTML <a href="url>name</a> to add the links, but then the code...

      • AdSense Newbie

        AdSense Newbie

        9 years ago

        I am totally new at this.  I just set up my HubPages yesterday.  This will be my first blogging attempt.  I went through the steps from here to set up my Google AdSense.  I did the email with Google...