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Aspiring short story writer and avid reader. I like to seek out the truth, evolution, christianity faith and athisim all hold a place in my opinion to topic of conversation. I try to be respectful in all manners and expect the same even though most who think themselves intelligent are anything but respectful.

I am married with children and my name is Al Bundy....haha not really. My wife and I have been married 7 years and have 5 children and a dog. We currently live in Ohio but only currently. Feel free to start a conversation with me, I love learning and meeting people!

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      • screen writing

        screen writing

        3 years ago

        Hello, I entered into a screen writing competition with NYCmidnight and am working on the second draft of my script. I have a question though that I haven't been able to find an answer too and was hoping the fellow...

      • stage 4

        stage 4

        5 years ago

        I have a friend who was recently diagnosed with stage four bone cancer. She and her husband used to love to sit in my backyard around the fire pit but she is so uncomfortable now to sit in our chairs. She misses it...

      • hot, Hot, HOT!!!

        hot, Hot, HOT!!!

        5 years ago

        My upstairs stays an unpleasent 102 degrees from about 2 pm till 9 pm when it begins to cool off to around 80. Any ideas on how to cool the upstairs? It's a cape cod style home so the ceiling is just the other side of...

      • Question about pregnancy

        Question about pregnancy

        5 years ago

        I'm having a difficult time googling the right terms to get the information I need. Maybe someone out here can help me. Are there procedures done for the babies benifit in the womb before birth? Besides taking...

      • The Shack, was it an offense to God?

        The Shack, was it an offense to God?

        5 years ago

        I read The Shack in 2008 while on bed rest from having four blood clots in my lungs. I had nothing else to do but read since I didn't have a laptop at the time and no tv in the bedroom. I thought it was interesting. I...

      • Morality


        5 years ago

        So if morality does not come from God and is a inherant idea that has come from generation to generation of tradition and culture. Example, in the animal kingdom, male sharks forcably mate with female sharks but is not...

      • water damage

        water damage

        5 years ago

        Walked into the bathroom today and turned on the light, one didn't come on. I looked up expecting a burned out bulb and instead find a water ring around the recessed light in the ceiling. I went upstairs to the bathroom...

      • Need help finding a show

        Need help finding a show

        5 years ago

        "The Future is Wild" I am having trouble finding this show to watch anywhere on line for free. Hulu doesn't seem to have it and Amazon wants me to buy it by season. Anyone know where a cheap s.o.b. can watch...

      • The future of evolution

        The future of evolution

        5 years ago

        I am having a hard time finding the right forum thread for evolution. I couldn't find a thread in the education area or the science area.Anywho, I got to thinking today about the fact that evolution is considered fact...

      • Heros vs Misfits

        Heros vs Misfits

        5 years ago

        Recently I came across a show on Hulu called Misfits. It apparently resembles the catasrophe of Tim Krings Heros from NBC a few years ago. I have watched the first two seasons of Misfits and the first episode of the...

      • Zombie apocalypse

        Zombie apocalypse

        5 years ago

        What will be your method of survival? Hunker down at the homestead witha  12 gauge and try to ride out the infection or will you hit the road on a harley and head north where the cold temps freeze the reaniemated...

      • Abolish religion!!!!

        Abolish religion!!!!

        5 years ago

        So alot of people have said to me that the athiest do not want to abolish religion and even have said it was a ludicrise thing to even say I thought I would find a clip of Dr. Richard Dawkins, whom I love listening to...

      • The Stars and Bars

        The Stars and Bars

        5 years ago

        So the confederate flag is often thought of as a flag that symbolizes racism and treason. I myself am from Tennessee, although now live in Ohio, and have never felt that this flag held those principals. It is arrogant...

      • Athiest soup kitchen

        Athiest soup kitchen

        5 years ago

        So I was down at the mission last night with my wife hanging out with the pastor there and it occurred to me. I have never seen nor heard of an atheistic mission house. If the scientific community is so much more...

      • Why Ron Paul is AWESOME

        Why Ron Paul is AWESOME

        5 years ago


      • underground bunker

        underground bunker

        5 years ago

        What would be the best way to have energy in an underground bunker that is cut off from the surface? My friend and I have been goofing around about an apocalyptic situation. The only thing we can't figure out is how we...

      • Julia Nunes

        Julia Nunes

        5 years ago

        Best up and coming artist in her genre....which is awesome folk? I don't really know. She does a lot of covers, and fun videos. The wife and I found her earlier this year and are addicted to her voice. Here is a sample...

      • Converted warlord seeks peace instead of violence

        Converted warlord seeks peace instead of violence

        5 years ago

        http://www.christianpost.com/news/afric … ist-65550/Once ate the hearts of children before battle and wore nothing but shoes, carrying his gun. General Butt Naked is a real guy and has a testamony that is hard to...

      • Which came first, Christians or the Bible?

        Which came first, Christians or the Bible?

        2 years ago

        I just read a post from someone stating that Christianity is based on the Bible which stands to reason, "If Christianity is based off the bible then that means it would have never come to furition since the book...

      • Romans 2:12-16

        Romans 2:12-16

        5 years ago

        "12For all who have sinned without the Law will also perish without the Law, and all who have sinned under the Law will be judged by the Law; 13for it is not the hearers of the Law who are just before God, but the...

      • Stop that rhyming and I mean it!

        Stop that rhyming and I mean it!

        5 years ago

        ...............anybody wanna peanut!

      • Anyone else hip to the DUB?

        Anyone else hip to the DUB?

        5 years ago

        Dubstep.....am I the only one listening to the noise? The Glitch Mob, possibly the best mixers at the moment.

      • Another "hot" topic

        Another "hot" topic

        5 years ago

        Lately there have been many posts on if you do or do not believe in hell and alot of the posts were based on personal beliefs, which is fine. However I did want to bring it up in the context of what the bible says about...

      • Breeding doners

        Breeding doners

        5 years ago

        Just watched the movie, "My Sisters Keeper" with my wife. I also found out that Jodi Piccoltis novel, from which this movie was based on, was based on a multitude of stories like this where parents of sick...

      • duplicate accounts

        duplicate accounts

        5 years ago

        So, I used to have a hubpage account a long time ago and recently came back under the Captain Redbeard alias.....I was wondering though if I can copy my hubs written under my old accound and post them in this new...

      • Batman Arkham series

        Batman Arkham series

        5 years ago

        Finally, comic series to be proud of! Not saying that there havent been other games based on iconic comic book characters that werent good, they just werent done as well as this series has been. What would a game be...

      • Best movie ever?

        Best movie ever?

        5 years ago

        What is your favorite puppet/anime/non-human movie? I would have to say mine is The Dark Crystal. "MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm  Gelfling!"

      • Yet another TIA

        Yet another TIA

        5 years ago

        I just got out of the hospital for another TIA, I had my first three years ago. The first one made me meet some wonderful people at PT and allowed me to purchase an awesome wheelchair that I got to use for 5 weeks. This...

      • Giants


        5 years ago

        If these findings are real tha why aren't they talked about more often?http://www.6000years.org/frame.php?page=giants

      • The Muppets

        The Muppets

        5 years ago

        With the new muppet movie coming out it just makes me wonder, are they even relevent to the current generation that they are aimed at? I showed my sisters kid a muppet movie a few years ago and she had no idea what she...

      • Favorite quote of all time.

        Favorite quote of all time.

        5 years ago

        For me that has to be,“I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.” - GalileoThis didn't come from a novel I know but...

      • Venomized!!!


        6 years ago

        Just saw some venom varient artworks as what would Captian America look like if the symbiote got em, or Wolverine and such. It got me thinking, in light of the disney buy out what would Mickey look like venomized? Goofy...

      • The Challange part 2

        The Challange part 2

        6 years ago

        Let's have a serious discussion, no name calling or fire and brimestone here. Let's look at the evidence shall we? I am asking for evidence of one thing science has discovered that the Bible doesn't support. Please...

      • Green Lantern movie

        Green Lantern movie

        5 years ago

        Ryan Renyolds did for Green Lantern as Ben Affleck did for Daredevil and Jennifer Gardner did for Electra. The only redeeming factor for this movie was Peter Sarsgaard portrayal of Hector Hammond. Again another sleeper...

      • Ones worth

        Ones worth

        6 years ago

        Being a stay at home dad has it's drawbacks. People snicker and have sarcastic remarks. Men tend to judge the worth of another man by his profession more often then not. Since I gave up the paycheck and my wife took up...

      • The re-write

        The re-write

        6 years ago

        So I have a book that I have been working on for about a year and a half. It just came back from the editor and she made an observaiton that the format might be better for the story if I blended two chapters into one....

      • Silent night, Holy night.....

        Silent night, Holy night.....

        6 years ago

        With Christmas being next month I wonder just how much is too much? Malls all over america are pushing the Christmas agenda so much so that Macy's is going 24 hours as of black friday, because apparently we should be...

      • Gays and the civil rights

        Gays and the civil rights

        6 years ago

        I have heard a lot of the gay rights movements comparing themselves the civil rights movements in the 60's. They say that their struggle for equality is the same as Black people's struggle and women’s equality and...

      • Ben Affleck is directing The Stand.......

        Ben Affleck is directing The Stand.......

        6 years ago

        Yeah...........anyone else bothered by this?

      • Arkham City

        Arkham City

        6 years ago

        Epic.......Epic......ok now that I have gotten the "epics" out of my system I have to ask you all, who was your favorite character in the Game? I just beat it last night on hard in just under ten hours and I...

      • Cast Iron Skillets

        Cast Iron Skillets

        6 years ago

        I love my cast iron skillet however am tired of how freaking hot it gets and thus the constant temperature control I have to do when cooking. For instance, I just got done making some apple buckwheat pancakes for the...

      • Origins


        6 years ago

        So take a character, anyone you like and reinvent them. Who would you pick and what would you do?I really enjoyed the Red Son series that Joss did with Superman. It was cool to see him in that light. Earth X was...

      • Smilies and such

        Smilies and such

        6 years ago

        Is there a frigg'n guide to how to make these faces or what? Repressed hubbers like myself have no idea how to make the faces...What are the key commands and how many are there? I think this is a fair topic. LOL

      • Is man capable of morals?

        Is man capable of morals?

        6 years ago

        Richard Dawkins poses the theory that studying the bible for its literature content is a great thing. However we should not follow its teachings. He feels that ones moral standards should not come from this book or any...

      • HELP!!!


        6 years ago

        I am making a pot roast for the first time today, I put a 3lbs roast in, then water and spices, celery, onion, carrots and potatos in that order. I got up a second ago to get a refill of my coffee and the potatos are...

      • Numbers next to hub title.

        Numbers next to hub title.

        6 years ago

        So I am still reading through things and learning but I still don't know or understand what they are. For instance next to one of my hubs is the number 75, another 45. Maybe I have read it and didn't understand what I...

      • Fallout New Vegas

        Fallout New Vegas

        6 years ago

        Aside from the game freezing every 2 minuets, sometimes perminitly and having to restart, it's ok. I like FO3 better. My problem is that I told Boone and Rex to go wait for me at the Lucky and they disappeared off the...

      • Jesus' death....

        Jesus' death....

        6 years ago

        Ok so I have been studying the bible for close to ten years now and the more I study the more questions I have. I have been given the cold shoulder in churchs and church groups for some of the questions I have but I...

      • Anyone ever think they were a dog person......

        Anyone ever think they were a dog person......

        6 years ago

        Then find out your not after you get the stupid animal?! lol I love my boxer Pit mix but I hate her so much at the same time!!

      • Evolution and you!

        Evolution and you!

        6 years ago

        Is there room for evolution and Christian belief? Where Christians can't deny the age of the planet, Evolutionist can't prove the jumps they believe in. As far as I know there is no mixed belief system out there but...