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Hello world. I'm Carmel Aaron the Certified Diet Wellness Coach and Nutrition Consultant. I teach classes, write a newspaper column, a magazine column, yes I also create Squidoo lenses and consult one-0n-one. I came by my chosen profession honestly. My parents raised me to have good values and a love of Wellness. Yes, my parents raised me very well, and gave me a love of Wellness, but I always had a problem with weight, and I developed hypoglycemic while still a teen. It was because I veered away from wellness for a while. When I got entirely back into wellness again I began to do research on this subject. Now, there is quite a bit of information to show that there is an entire syndrome of Insulin Resistance, and connects it to all the health issues mentioned above. I have worked on my diet and lifestyle, and teach my classes to help others. But, if you learn what to do-you can get off the Diabesity road, and help your entire family. The choice is yours. I feel that living a healthy wellness lifestyle is a treasure, because it brings us something we will not have, or continue to have without it. That treasure is our health and vitality. Our continued health and wellness is needed for every other activity, enjoyment and pursuit we want out of life. Because of my ongoing weight problems, I also had a passionate desire to get that under control-and to help others do the same. I have had my own Exercise Studio, am certified in many fitness programs-from AFAA, Rhythmic Aerobics, Senior Fitness-also with AFAA, Several Water Aerobic programs, and with the Arthritis Association-another Water exercise program, Peppi, and Reboundology. I'm also certified in many Wellness programs: including a Certified Weight Management Coach, with Proevity in Glycemic Indexing. I have also been in a wellness program for several years now, with over a thousand hours of study devoted to Wellness. I love helping impact peoples lives for good. I just love what I do!! Of course, like you I have many interests, but Wellness and Weight Management are my prime focus. I plan on learning how to be effective at bringing you topics you want to learn about, so please fill free to let me know what you need. I love doing research and then sharing that information with others. If want to ask a question, need help nutritionally, or would enjoy finding out about my classes--You may contact me at: AWellnessCoach@Gmail.com Best Wishes, Good Health & Every Success Carmel

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