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My main research interest is the history, folklore, myths and legends of Northwestern Europe, especially England and Scotland, but also Germanic countries and Central Europe.

I hold a bachelor's degree in Literature, and am a regular contributor and assistant to the editor with Celtic Guide magazine, a web based publication about history and culture of the Celts and neighboring peoples. And, I run Celtic Guide's social media profiles on Facebook and Pinterest.

My writing has also been featured on Medievalists.net. And, I occasionally blog for the Buffalo History Museum.

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      • Finally got AdSense approved! Now what?

        Finally got AdSense approved! Now what?

        4 years ago

        Hey guys, well I was finally approved for Google AdSense after my 11th hub. Ads were turned off on all of my articles because... well, I thought it was rude for them to place ads before I was getting paid! So I've gone...

      • HP's ridiculous rules are pissing me off

        HP's ridiculous rules are pissing me off

        4 years ago

        Ok. I'm just really annoyed at HP right now. I understand they want original content. But I was going to start a column where I collect old public domain things, from poems to photos and paintings, to excerpts from...

      • Sharing hubs

        Sharing hubs

        4 years ago

        I'm still pretty new here and learning the ropes. In my news feed I saw hubbers sharing their own older posts and also sharing posts by others. I wasn't aware you could do that. Do you just post the URL in the status...

      • Adsense help!

        Adsense help!

        4 years ago

        I took a shot at applying to Adsense with the less than 10 recommended hubs. I have four hubs, but they are rich in content. They did have a lot of images, but they were all 1,500 to 2,500 words.  I removed some of...