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FREE IMAGES Most of the images in our hubs are our personal photography. You can also freely use our images on your hubpages as long as you include a link to our website in the caption area You can find hundreds of images at http://cascoly-images.com include "Used with permission from http://cascoly-images.com" in the caption box. Or just contact us and we'll help you set it up.

On eBay and Amazon i specialize in vintage National Geographic maps and Classics Illustrated

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      • Alert for broken link for videos (retest links)

        Alert for broken link for videos (retest links)

        5 years ago

        the original discussion  for this bug has been cloased for replies when will HP realize that DECLARING a problem fixed does not make it so?   many of my video links are still being shown as broken, but in...

      • 15

        FIXED: "show all comments" for hidden comments acts as home

        5 years ago

        when an answer has negative feedback and you unhide it, you cant read the comments - when you click on 'all comments' it just pops you to the top but doesnt displ;ay anything more for...

      • HP limits searches to 1000

        HP limits searches to 1000

        5 years ago

        somehow hadn't noticed before that searches are limited to 1000 results, but no indication to the user how many there really are.  likely this is an efficiency solution for HP, but it means searches are handicapped...

      • recipe features not working

        recipe features not working

        5 years ago

        i've added recipe ratings, ingredients, pictures and cooktime capsules to 1/2 my recipe hubs and seen no change in trafic.  in addition, they're not even seen by google searches!eg, a google search for 'Hunan...

      • videos won't upload

        videos won't upload

        5 years ago

        i'm trying to make a video hub - i choose the video from my computer, and it shows the title and then just sits there - nothing gets uploaded, and if i try to publish, it says there's no videosame thing happens if i use...

      • Which capsules count?

        Which capsules count?

        6 years ago

        Couldn't find anything about this in the FAQDoes text in tables, and quizzes count the same as ordinary text capsules when a hub is evaluated for quality?  eg, if a hub has several well written tables and little...

      • bad links

        bad links

        7 years ago

        i've noticed this problem for a coupla wks now --the links capsule doesn't always accept pasted urlsit often puts the link in, but doesnt retrieve the title or desc. ifyou 'test' the link it says it's bad, but the same...

      • hub recipe game

        hub recipe game

        7 years ago

        this is a variation on a game we played in photography forums to have fun, find some new recipe ideas and maybe get a little traffic to our hubs. The game is simple - the current 'winner' posts a challenge to find a...

      • latest hubs arent getting updated???

        latest hubs arent getting updated???

        7 years ago

        i tried to look at the latest hubs and it told mehubs 1-10 (updated every 30 minutes)but the first hubs shown are 14 hours old!steve

      • unanswered questions not sorted

        unanswered questions not sorted

        7 years ago

        why can't we sort unanswered msgs by date posted?  they appear random;ly, and i'm not interested in questions that havent been answered in 8 monthsi searched for this topic but didnt find any relevant previous...

      • Looking to exchange links re travel, history and recipes

        Looking to exchange links re travel, history and recipes

        7 years ago

        Hi,I'm relativley new to hubpages, but have had a website for over 15 years, containing hundreds of pages concentrating on photography, travel, recipes, history and online games i've developed.  My first hubs have...

      • slide show ignores some of my photos??

        slide show ignores some of my photos??

        7 years ago

        checked faq, help center et al but couldnt find anything related to these 2 'features':I just noticed that the slide show does noit include all f the photos i have in a hub.  It looks like it's skipping the...