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Before I could talk, I held a crayon, showing my parents stories of my day in colorful scribbles.

Before I could walk, I scribbled stories of far away places, (i.e. the stream behind my house) that held secret homes for faries and spirits.

By day, my home became a kingdom amongst kingdoms, and I became a scribe dutifully bound to recording every single moment.

In night's darkness, I hummed along with the stars' songs, and listened to peepers serenade one another.

There was never a time where I was not known as a storyteller. As I grew, so did my imagination. I excelled in Creative Writng classes and could contend with the best in English Literature. Today, I stand with two Bachelor's degrees, in English and Broadcast Communications, ready for the next grand adventure my pen would take me.

Tomorrow, only the heavens know what the ink-laden path holds before me.

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