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A fan of delicious vegetables. Lens deleting and/or fixing in progress, watch out for areas under construction! :-)

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  • Becoming Undead in Dungeons and Dragons Online

    Becoming Undead in Dungeons and Dragons Online

    5 years ago

    Players intensely focused in the arts of necromancy can change into a lich or wraith in this MMORPG by Turbine. Below is a guide about the abilities, with both the benefits and penalties listed. They are immune to any...

  • Castle Fight strategy tips & guide

    Castle Fight strategy tips & guide

    8 months ago

    A very popular multiplayer game, but also very rough on first time players. There may be alternate games with the same name - I had written this about the Warcraft 3 custom game. This free strategy guide will help you...

  • DDO pets (Summon monster spell)

    DDO pets (Summon monster spell)

    8 months ago

    A list of all the magic creatures you can call to your side. The cleric, favored soul, sorcerers, and wizard class all get access to the Summon Monster spell. It was improved in DDO Update 7 to include many new...

  • World of Warcraft jokes

    World of Warcraft jokes

    8 months ago

    Want to make your allies on teamspeak burst out in laughter? Try out some of these world of warcraft jokes below! They're a great way to help waste time waiting between respawns or for that foolish gnome to come back...